Burned 11yr old boy gets help

Adolf Baguma, an 11 year old boy, who was seriously burned by his aunt has found hope in California.

Adolf was burned by a teenaged aunt for trying eat the food she had not authorized him to lay hands on. She threw flaming hot banana leaves on the backs of his legs as punishment severely injuring him and crippling him.

He later ran away from home and took the streets where he was eventually picked and placed in an orphanage where he lives now. However, the orphanage could not afford to pay for his treatment since he required surgery to rectify the damage his aunt did.

He is severely hurt that he could not walk upright and has resorted to crawling to school every day.

However, he may not suffer for long since a Good Samaritan came to his rescue. The Children’s Burn Foundation in California has offered to fly him to California where burn expert Dr. Peter Grossman will perform the surgeries.

According to Laine Wagenseller, a U.S based attorney who met him at the orphanage, “The surgeries are expected to give Adolf the normal physical ability of a young boy.”

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3 thoughts on “Burned 11yr old boy gets help

  1. God works in mysterious ways. He (the boy) needed that cruel aunt to reach california. The aunt may NEVER. God only used her cruel spirit. Wonderful .

  2. @Sam are you serious? are you trying to justifying this inhuman and unspeakable act this Go-damn bitch in the name of Aunty committed? Do you know the magnitude of pain & trauma this boy has undergone before u write that? I highly doubt your sanity.
    I can see where you fall anyway? reaching California for you is the ultimate… “bambi” seriously i pitty you.

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