Busiro North MP Nsubuga accepts to pay shs30m after stealing Mobile Phone

Busiro North MP Paul Nsubuga in 2019, was  accused of stealing a mobile phone valued at shs80,000 reportedly stolen from a mobile money shop in 2019 and it was loaded with shs4.5 million in form of mobi The case has been magistrates court at Buganda Road in Kampala for some time.

Today, the magistrates court revealed that court has stood over charges against the MP after the legislator entered into a reconciliation and settlement agreement with his accuser. “In the interest of promotion of reconciliation between the parties, this matter is stood over. The accused is discharged and set free,” Buganda Road Court Grade One magistrate, Siena Owomugisha said on Friday

It should be recalled that last month, the court ordered Nsubuga’s arrest after he failed to turn up for the hearing of his case but also issued criminal summons against the sureties for the legislator.

The magistrate directed police to arrest Nsubuga on sight. Today, when the case returned, the state prosecutor, Lydia Nakato told that both parties had reconciled after Nsubuga accepted to pay.

In the agreement, Nsubuga accepted to pay shs30 million and to show commitment, he paid shs5 million in cash and promised to pay the balance of shs25 million in a period of one month.

Consequently, the trial magistrate directed that the charges are shelved to allow the reconciliation process between the two but also directed that the shs400,000 that Nsubuga had paid in form of bail cash be refunded .

“Abide by the terms of the reconciliation for you don’t want to be produced back in court,” the magistrate warned.


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