Butabika hospital Monitoring Keko

Uganda's female rapper Keko

Female rapper Jocelyne Tracey famously known by her stage name Keko was last week taken to Butabika mental hospital after she mental disorders.

Uganda's female rapper Keko
Uganda’s female rapper Keko

According to sources, she was dragged to the hospital by her family members on grounds that she had developed unsteady mind.

Apparently, she seems to have run mad, something that most impeccable sources attribute to the narcotics that she has been using in her life.

Without proof of what drugs exactly she was using, some snoops say she used to puff cocaine and other intoxicants and these destroyed her mental health.

Recently, some unclear photos of the rapper while at the facility surfaced online. She was photographed moving around the hospital.

However, we have further established that she has been camping in Kenya for the coke studio Africa, until things went bad for her, forcing a replacement by fellow rapper Navio Kigozi.

Apparently, some social media geeks think Sheebah Karungi is also headed for the same fate, since he uses drugs like there is no tomorrow.

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