Cabinet Approves Persons With Disabilities Bill

Cabinet has today approved the Persons with Disabilities Bill 2013.


Previously there was a law that provided a legal protection for persons with disabilities.

Article 32 and 35 of persons with disabilities Act 2006, provides for the elimination of all forms of discrimination against PWDs towards equalization of opportunities and for related matters.

Government realized that the Act does not support the attainment of the overall objective of the Government to protect and promote the rights of persons with disabilities.

The Persons with Disabilities Bill, 2013 aims at;

To ensure that all organs, agencies of Government and all people respect, uphold and promote the fundamental and other human rights and freedoms of persons with disabilities

To provide for non-discrimination against persons with disabilities on grounds of their disabilities and
to ensure that equal treatment and affirmative action is afforded to persons with disabilities for the purpose of redressing the imbalance that may exist against them.

Cabinet approved the principles and authorized the Minister of state for Gender, Labour and Social Development (Elderly and disability Affairs) to issue drafting instructions to the first parliamentary counsel to draft the persons with disabilities.

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