Carol Nantongo leaves Golden Band to be a Solo artist.

By Grace Turyatunga

Popularly known for her Tukigale collaboration with Eddie Yawe and Silwana with Sheeba karungi, Musician Carol Nantongo broke down into tears during an exclusive interview on a popular show known as Uncut kalakata when she was asked about why she quit from Golden Band.

Carol Nantongo stated that even before she joined Golden Band, she had always wanted to be a solo artist because she believed in herself but when she got to chance to join Golden Band, she couldn’t hesitate to take the chance.

When she was asked about the reasons that led to her departure from the Band, she went ahead and said that she realized there was a lack of seriousness within the Band and her bosses didn’t seem to care because they already made a name for themselves and they are at the peak. 

The other reason she gave was that the band members didn’t have any pressure at all because they have other income-generating businesses yet for her case, she is just an upcoming artist who still has a long way to go and has to take care of her mother and her younger siblings and this made her break down into tears.

She also went ahead and made it clear that her leaving Golden Band was her personal choice. She also realized there was a lot of political issues going on within the Band and she stated that she wasn’t going to allow politics to spoil her career “ politics is not going to spoil my career because I am not a person interested in politics.”

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