Chameleone, Bebe Cool ‘Worship’ Katsha

Chameleone, Bebe Cool squat as Katsha gets on stage

As the saying goes, money speaks and tomorrow is bullshit, the young rich men are now getting maximum respect from their elders and so many other surprising things.

Chameleone, Bebe Cool squat as Katsha gets on stage
Chameleone, Bebe Cool squat as Katsha gets on stage

Shaffic Katumba well known as Katsha, a Uganda South African based tycoon shocked many when he stepped on stage and Uganda’s music starts bowed as a sign of respect and worship.

At a recently concluded show in Kiwatule dubbed Tondeka Ekiwatule on December 26, Bebe Cool and Chameleone were seen squatting and bowing their heads down as a sign of respect to the loaded Katsha.

Such an incident was last seen when Meddie Ssentongo gave a BMW sport at Quality supermarket in Lubowa which left the singer so excited that he nearly carried Meddie on his shoulders, something that was highly criticized by his fans including and music Bebe Cool.

Bebe was on Friday brought back to reality when he was made to sit down like a kid by one Katsha De bank.

Katsha was seen swagging around like a boss as the two music maestros bowed and worshiped him.

It should be noted that Katsha is rumoured to have sponsored Bebe cool’s latest video shoot in South Africa where he was seen kissing a video vixen.

He also injected $12000 in concluded Jose Chameleone’s One Million charity show held at Victoria Hall, Serena Hotel Kampala on December 18.

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