Chameleone Denies Involvement In Intruder’s Death

Jose Chameleone says only God will judge him
Jose Chameleone says only God will judge him

Uganda’s music star Joseph Mayanja a.k.a Jose Chameleone has denied any involvement in the circumstances that led to the death of the intruder who entered the singer’s house last week and performed a Tibet style immolation.

On Boxing Day, Robert Karamagi, found his way into Chameleone’s seguku based residence under unclear circumstances, had an exchange with the singer’s wife Daniella, set himself ablaze in the process before succumbing to the burns at Mulago Hospital where he had been taken for treatment.

On Wednesday, a 13 year old boy made a statement at Kajansi Police Station saying he saw Chameleone and his crew torture a man in his compound before setting him ablaze.

However, using his Facebook page, Chameleone while expressing regret at the loss of life says he did what every responsible citizen would do in the circumstances by alerting the Police when he realized there was a stranger in his house.

Below is what the singer had to say

“Happy new year Chameleone and Leone island fans!

With all due respect I have not been quiet about all that is revolving around me for any selfish reason. It is a trying moment.

I pass my sincere condolences to the family and friends of the bereaved.

As a parent I cannot blame his family for who he was because we bear children and who they become is their choice.

This Man intruded into my house and acted in a self-destructive manner that I can’t explain what he had in mind except narrate what I witnessed.

Upon his threats against my family, as responsible citizens we alerted the police who came a few minutes after he set himself ablaze.

Even when authority came in he still acted unusual and violent and neither did he report to them that any body had set him on fire.

Police had to handcuff him as they struggled to put him on the police car that drove him to Kajjansi police station from where he was rushed to hospital where he did not at least tell to the attending doctors who put him in that state.

After a few hours, his family reported to hospital and only until his last minutes it’s alleged that he told them I was his friend and I had blame on his fate!

I am born, raised, and will forever be Ugandan, and I am not above the law!

I am encountering a lot of judgement from selfish minds upon this incident but only GOD can judge me.


The singer who has won a lot of fans with his hit music will be keen to clear his name of any unfounded allegations regarding this matter and it is the reason he has been quick to dispel any rumors linking him in any way to the unfortunate incident.

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9 thoughts on “Chameleone Denies Involvement In Intruder’s Death

  1. chameleon don’t fool anyone, you have been beating people with your hooligans , if you can beat your blood brother to near death, what stops you from burning to death a stranger. Your time has come to pay for all the beatings you have been doing to innocent heartless can one be to torture a boy who is already mentally ill? you m,ust take responsibility for your actions , your time is up , pay for your sins

    1. Angry citizen, i think anger and emmotions have defeated ur reasoning. Justice will prevail i trust.
      Not so many years ago, a couple of kids claimed Michael Jackson had molested dem, it was massive,media was allover him, people incriminated him however as it turned out, these kids were lying and MJ was aquited ….only kids below 7 yrs are the only ones innocently honest by law, and for that matter, dey take no criminal responsinbility even if they did something bad. However all those 8 and above are capable of commiting crimes and can lie,malice, be manipulated or brainwashed into doing something for money. Thats why, they can be taken to juvineile courts and sentenced properly

  2. How did he break into your house, which shows no evidence of a break in. Your statements don’t add up, What was he doing that made him set himself ablaze. Its you and your hooligans that did this.

  3. Angry Citizen, you must be so angry that u have stopped reasoning… If the intruder didn’t even tell the police or hospital staff that he had been tortured, there is surely no CASE against Chameleon!! Did the kid video tape the torture?

  4. look at all you pees pouring accusation. who of you know what hapend? ugandan kids lie everyday and you shoul watch the clips again then u will know neither dr or his neighbours are telling complete truth.WTF

  5. Whatever u kol yoself,Angry citizen, must b hungry as well because they say an angry mind is a hungry one.U must b hving sme thin personal wz THE Dr.Even if he dd burn him as u claim as if u were there hw dd he get into sme onez hse? d u think they r such stupid to burn him n then call police.Am vry sori for u that u r entering a nu ya wz that kind ov stupidity.Wama Dr Hapi Nu Ya.

  6. Sorry Dr. Chamili for what happened in case you did not have a hand in it. By the way what are you waiting for to go to your fellow Dr. of humans to clear that facial skin. Daniela please advise the music Dr.

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