Chameleone, Dj Roja Trade Blows In Night Club

Jose Chameleone

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Self Proclaimed singing Doctor, Jose Chameleone is reportedly to have fought with Dj Roja at the Kabalagala based Club Venom on Sunday night.

Jose Chameleone
Jose Chameleone

Our highly placed sources at Club Venom revealed that Jose Chameleone attacked Dj Roja because he refused to play his latest song Wale Wale.

How It Happened


Our sources have narrated on how the Badilisha singer started his move to beat and humiliate one of the best turntable assassins from Busoga land.

The Sources revealed that Chameleone’s Producer, Kays brought a flash that had new tunes and gave it to Dj Roja to play.

Roja explained to Kays that Mac book has only two USB ports and they are all already filled  so he suggested using another machine to play the new tunes by Jose Chameleone.

When Dj Roja started playing Jose’s new songs one by one, Kays kept on instructing that songs be played repeatedly.

No sooner had Roja started playing the songs as instructed by the producer, than Nickta came with an order from the singing doctor, Jose Chameleone.

Dj Roja
Dj Roja

Chameleone’s order was that Dj Roja must play Wale Wale. Roja played the song as instructed.

After the song had played for two minutes, Kays told Roja to play one of the new songs he had brought on the flash.

When Roja played the song, Chameleone’s temper flared and he rushed to the stage. The speed he used to get on stage was faster than lightening.

He grabbed the microphone and hurled all kinds of insults the Dj.

Dj Roja felt ashamed and quickly left the stage shading tears. He went to the Club’s office to cool down his tamper that had started to ‘boil’.

Chameleone was then joined by Dj Michael on stage and they started dissing the Dj.

For the situation to normalize, it took the intervention of the club manager Gareth Onyango who advised Chameleone to leave the stage.

When Chameleone left the stage, he quickly dashed to the Club’s office and started insulting Dj Roja for failing to play his song.

Chameleone then threw a glass at Dj Roja but good enough the later took cover and it did not hit him.

Why is Chameleone Fighting

People who have been around Chameleone for some time have revealed that Chameleone is a simple and easy person but when stressed, he acts like a hungry lion.

Sources have revealed that Chameleone is not well since his latest song; Wale Wale is not doing well yet he pumped in a lot of money while producing it.

It is also believed that he is stressed because WizKid refused to do a collabo with him and settled for his children, Radio and Weasel.

His upcoming one man one night one million concert is also giving him hard time. So anything that turns him off forces him to insult and fight.

Jose Chameleone is Uganda’s best musician of all times. He has won several awards on both local and international level.

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