Chameleone kisses daughter, Roasted On Social Media


It has been a challenging phenomenon ever since singer Jose Chameleone posted a picture of himself kissing his daughter Alba Shyne Mayanja on Facebook.


However, the picture has attracted mixed reactions from fans and followers with many condemning the singer for kissing his daughter on lips.

The picture of the ‘Wale Wale’ hit maker has become a topic of discussion and has been shared multiple times on several online forums and social media platforms.

Many, who still believe in African culture, were asking if it was right for Chameleone to kiss his daughter on the lips.

“As Africans, it still looks weird seeing someone kissing the other in public even if they are lovers, and then what about kissing your own grown up daughter? I think too much respect is still needed, Africans should respect African culture, copying may not be bad, but editing before you paste is better. Some things are not fit in our culture” says one of Chameleone’s fans.

Below are some of the reactions;

Snappy Brian I don’t know why you guys keep bothering yourselves over minor issues, what was wrong with Chameleone kissing his ten years old daughter? Does it pain you? You don’t need to only read or listen to news sometimes you need to travel the world

Irene Nakafeero: In African culture it’s not right!

Tumusiime Lawrence Dr. that aint right; it’s true she’s yo’ daughter but i w’d suggest at least you do peck; Kiss no; My opinion

Kampala Take Away since when did kissing be part of African expression? Ate temugamba nti mwe muli modern, mulekelawo kopelera, ebyo byebayita obukopikopi, leka omwana afukamire omwebaaze, nga eda bwetwakolanga.

Gift Godfrey Mpaijja Even if its your daughter you don’t give mouth to mouth, a peck was enough

Sokie Nangaye Kipolopolo U don’t practice what u preach u hv failed many of this generation and generations to come yo children will face the wrath of their greedy father

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