Chameleone Outs Electronic Tickets For One Million Concert

Jose Chameleone

Leone Island’s music doctor, Jose Chameleone, has opted for the electronic tickets for his coming One Man One Million show to be held at Serena.

jose  chameleone

The One Man One Million show that later turned out to be a charity show is expected to be attended by the high class people from all corners of the city.

Chameleone like Bebe Cool also opted for the electronic tickets to give his fans a class of tickets that will be worth their money.

Bebe Cool’s electronic tickets were the first of their kind in this country making Chameleone’s tickets the second to be used in the country.

Fans who will come to the show, will just swipe their cards through the system and the money will automatically be deducted from the credit cards.

It is more like an ATM, fans will keep the card for other financial transactions as long as they load money onto the card.

The One Man One Million show is slated for this December 18, at Kampala Serana Hotel.


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