Chameleone’s Village ‘Mansion’ Shocks Nation

The Mayanjas' Mansion in Mityana

After the burial of fallen singer Emmanuel Mayanja alias AK47, fans of the popular Mayanja family were left in shock after setting eyes on their village ‘mansion’

The Mayanjas' Mansion in Mityana
The Mayanjas’ Mansion in Mityana

According to the mourners and our snoops, the ancestral home of the Mayanja family is dilapidated, ram-shackled, tumble-downed, abandoned, shabby and in a state of disrepair.

Located in Mityana district, the house looks weak and too small to accommodate the whole successful family.

Meanwhile, there has erupted public speculation after singer Chameleone failed to appear at the grave of his fallen kid brother.

Amidst heavy security, Chameleone never got close to the grave thereby sparking off speculations and debate on what his intentions could have been.

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