Nebanda’s Burial Turns Chaotic As Mum Tears Museveni’s Speech

The Late Nebanda's Mother Alice Namuli (C)

The Late Nebanda's Mother Alice Namuli (C)
The Late Nebanda’s Mother Alice Namuli (C)

There was drama at the burial of fallen Butaleja Woman Member of Parliament Cerinah Nebanda on Sunday as the mother of the deceased Alice Namuli tore President Museveni’s written speech.

Moses Ali, the Third Deputy Prime Minister was representing Government at the funeral in Butaleja but he was forced to abandon delivering President Museveni’s condolence message as angry mourners turned rowdy, booing and blocking him from proceeding.

Moses Ali left the funeral escorted by heavy security who tried to shield him from the furious mourners and it was during this process that the enraged mother of the deceased got hold of the speech and tore it to pieces.

Cerinah Nebanda passed away on December 14th under unclear circumstances and the days following her death have been marred by controversy.

In related news, the mother of the deceased has rubbished the preliminary findings autopsy report released on Saturday evening by Ministry of health officials revealing that chemicals such as alcohol, cocaine and heroin were found blood samples of the deceased.

While speaking to the media on Sunday prior to the burial, Alice said she was condemning the report in the strongest terms possible. She said the report was mere ‘wolokoso’ (hot air)

The deceased’s colleagues in Parliament have also criticized the report that alleges that the said chemicals were found in her blood.

According to the lawmakers, the late Nebanda was a known teetotaler and she never used any drugs in her life time.

The Speaker of Parliament Honorable Rebecca Kadaga has also added her voice to those dismissing the autopsy report by rejecting its findings.

The Members of Parliament who attempted to carry out a botched investigation into the death of Nebanda say they will not be intimidated by government statements that they could be treated as suspects in the case.


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68 thoughts on “Nebanda’s Burial Turns Chaotic As Mum Tears Museveni’s Speech


  2. People will one day get fed up.. The walukagga song.. abantu bakoowu….
    But this looks like someone thinks he is ruling puppets!

  3. No one on opposition will remain standing, when NRM is still in power,, dont even dream,, but the bible confirms it that, GOD will not let the guilty one walk freely, WHAT YOU SOW IS WHAT YOU REAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. We cant deny the fact that there was alcohol and drugs in Nebanda’s body. The fact remains that she might have been poisoned with lethal poison and then used alcohol and drugs to confuse the investigators. crying every time when I read newspapers

    1. Gwe oli wolokoso your self, this girl was a crack-head, why didn’t she tell her sister and the driver where she was going when she said bye to them? That means she was going to do something fishy, all you who make noise that she was poisoned are making senseless allegations! She did coke in overdose, and morphin leads to failure of body organs. As she made her bed now she is lying on/in it! When you are ignorant and you join bad company that’s what the end must be. Nobody poisoned her!!!!!!!!! Let the mother stop her stupid comments in public, she lost a daughter who she failed to tell the difference between good and bad company!!

      1. good reasoning sec,the mother will have to confess to us all on how the govt killed her i wish there was a standard age like 28 and above joining the politics.nebanda was just having flesh…….remember she was aDP and thought wise that coming on NRM card would give her awin and there she was…….with her samwa samwa…….just like the mother………….

  5. Yeah, we must take action now. It is only the stupid who can believe that Hon Nebanda died of drugs and alcohol. She was a DP who sadly used the NRM ticket to go to parliament. And because DP is a spirit she remained DP and she continued cherishing values of truth and justice. That’s why she died.

    1. no vicent,i dont think some one can come out openly and confess that takes drugs!!just like pork 80% eat it but no one can confess so are the drugs.whats wrong with nebanda taking it??how about those who take are they not human beings born by mothers????ugandans its high time you started reasoning.if nebanda was so clever how come thats the type of boyfriend she had??????????they were all interested in eating govt money look at nambooze how come she is now fat?? meaning she is doing well on govt money,if you saw her before u can side with me…….

  6. There we’r…!!!
    The biggest mistake Government did, to intercept the Dr. who was going in South Africa, and up to now we dont know why they did that, and where abouts of the samples he was carrying
    So if Majority Pin the Government in this Case, to me its no Surprise…!!

  7. Until Ugandans wake up,many more incidencies are yet to occur. We have suffered at the hands of bad leadership.

  8. Let these killers know that one day ,one time the world will wake up and take fear aside in order to defend there life and the country.

  9. We will always say and die saying ….. that Nebanda and many other innocent Ugandans have been poisoned but for Moses Ali hes always fasting may be by now he would have been dead (Allaah forbid) so fellow country men be careful yoooooo oga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Hahahaha alcoholic comma and eventually death for a teetotaler? amatear killers time,induce a heart attack or some other lie which is easy to a traffic accident and this time keep a safe distance or else another bullet in your foot by ya self.

  11. The funny thing is the boyfriend might have been the culprit but we will never know because the government botched this up big time.

    BTW, where is the boyfriend? Journalists need to find this man before the government does, that is if he is not a government stooge, planted to spy on our MP.

    1. the gov’mt knows the dieing of Cerinah, that man hz mind, i dnt see reason y he was arrstd. Mussevine, Uhmmm

  12. Who told you that these days Ugandans can let the wicked to dance on the graves of their victims? One day one man will account for all these mysterious deaths.

  13. Let the Family behave like the grieved one.Adressing press conferences almost every time when the body is still at home????????.The brother going for a business trip in Nairobi leaving her sisiter’s body at home????????.What kind of grieved family is that?

      1. The death of Nebanda has turned to be a prestige in a disguise that they are grieved. In such moments you can’t even gain strength to even breath. But you wonder some even go for business trips as the mother seriously fights for the microphone to the extent of tearing a written condolence speech. “If walls could talk” There must be something driving people to that crazy situation. Otherwise people should apply such efforts to in preparation to join the Almighty Father in Heaven. In earth we are just Visitors.
        I pray “may the Almighty Lord God in Heaven protect the Mum and be in control than having people finger pointing each other.

    1. the Family has a right to talk they are helping us know and letting other MP s who think they are safe take precautions.Your posts smell of the State machinery killers trying to sow seeds of discord as always

    2. This was no ordinary death,have also ever heard a President address a press conference to deny killing someone? Does everyone who looses a loved one receive aphone call from the president directing them when to burry?You surely dont expect a family to continue behaving normally in abnormal circumstances

      1. jim didn’t know u cant reason you are behaving like the grieved family????is it bad to call her and send condolence massage in any case if you know the truth why cant you come up and testily????but have it in mind that we are all pron to death.that was her time up.if she fought a good fight ,she is with the lord ,if she was on drugs then hahahahah…………………

    3. surely the family as whole has some clear attention seeking tendency. may be it the way it is done in their culture or it could be just a psychological reaction to the bad times

      the benefits of this is that, keeping quiet will not bring back their daughter either so they chose not to keep quiet so that everything gets to the public domain.

      mayombo’s death was not so politicized but till now everything that happened thereafter was swept clear of the public and the family although the government says the family knows about the report which the family denies

  14. No amount of investigation, however accurate will bring back Nebanda. She is gone. The MPs who abandoned the investigation understood this quiet well. The mother and other mourners are hurting and whatever the explanation about the death of their beloved and heroic daughter could not easily be accepted. Healing takes long and we pray that for the mother and the people of Butalejja, this will happen sooner than later. In my view, apart from the complicated scientific explanation, the only other person who can tell us what transpired is Adam Kalungi. For now many people will point their fingers at government. If the results from South Africa had tallied with those from Government, some people might still have suspected that Dr. Onzivua had been compromised.

    1. In typical african tradition when there is a suspected witch in the area, nobody can die “without” his involvement. Matters will be made worse if the purported witch had just quarred in say a village gathering and a young lady who say giggled at him collapses and dies soon after. Now look at it this way suppose cerinah had crashed in her car and died or her home was attacked by unknown armed men who then killed her after the presidents fiery speech in parliament, then the argument would have gone something like: NRMs methods of silencing its critics. Let cerinah rest in peace. Those tasked with handling this matter are squarely to blame for misdirecting public opinion. On saturday talk show Ofwono Opondo was frank When he said if we want you, you are not beyond our reach. Fair thee well cerinah, you went too soon.

  15. Celinah, we mourn you in a lot of pain. We mourn that voices of the voiceless are targeted repeatedly by the gov’t that claims to be of freedom fighters. The freedom fighters actually are freedom fighters fought for their greed and hypocritical interests. But you deminise will not go in vain. It’s a call for more forces to join the peaceful struggle for the freedom of our country from wild dogs. May your soul rest in peace!

  16. It’s real that we’ve to be courageous and strong than ever! Humanity in Uganda is under attach. There’s no escape and let’s not fool ourselves. No one is safe! We are surrounded by killing machines of different types. Breakdown of systems, corruption in every aspect of our lives, appalling health services, dishonesty, manipulative leadership, moral decay, to mention but a few!

    1. spot on pal . we are under siege only God knows where this will lead this great nation.
      i hate being a Ugandan!

      1. Bro,do not lose hope,we give it all to God,it is coming to an end soon and very soon if we joine hands to work aganist all the evils which have envoloped our dear country “THE PEARL OF AFRICA”

  17. “Omwana wange waliwo MP eyamupangira omusajja…!” really, a whole MP needed help to find a guy? These r statements that need analysis…

    1. mr. Kayinja, in politics it is possible especially when someone is getting for you some one who will help further your political ambitions. it has been done countless times all through history… just check out all m7’s sons-in-law’s profiles, you will get my point

  18. In my opinion i dont believe that Cerinah Nebanda death was state engineered, this can never be because there were have been more vocal MPs and Ministers who are still alive
    i also belive that there are individuals who hold more sensitive govt secrets than Nebanda probably but are still alive and finally i dont believe she was a threat to the centre of power in anyway.

    Now what i strongly believe is that there is some powerfull govt personality who engineered her death someone probably who she rubbed the wrong way thats what every analytical Ugandan must see that the state can never kill that way yes i knw every govt in the world kills but this one was the work of an amateture not govt it was an individual within the govt who will one time be exposed.

    1. You think whoever is targeted is as unlucky? Did you read the 2007 story of Gen. Muntu and Jack Sabiiti? Do you know what happened to Hussein Kyanjo? Do you know what happened to Mayombo? Do you know what happened to Beti Nambooze? And a few others who have been silenced because they suffered illnesses they couldn’t explain?

      What you need to do is to open your eyes and see the shit this government has spread all around, rather than continuing to act like everything is okay!

    2. A good point to take into account Hank. But there is concern as to why the head of state and his ministers and police were the first to be defensive even when no finger was pointed yet at any body. One does not need to forge
      t the change of statements by the police.

  19. Oh God see us thru We r getting mistreated Our loved one’s r dieing of poison they r being killed by wat we don’t understand people tired of money now eating fellow people

  20. I as I wrote some days ago, the going of abroad, Mulago and gov’t lab investigations are just time wasting, Cerinah Nabenda is a Munyole where natural accurate scientists are born. If the family has done its part through that, then watch space whoever whereever the culprit/s is/are will reveal him/herself in a specified time. God never uses force neither does he take a bribe.

    You and me, now watch the space

  21. What creates a question in Nebanda’s death is the government’s contradicting statements. Am surprised to hear from paraded Ministers of internal affairs, Justine and presidency at media center reading notes then afterwards diverting from what earlier said. To get the truth takes times but even what has been done creates a loophole in the investigations by police. Why did Inspector General of Police rush to make conclusive statement at the commencement of the matter and anyway is different from the report released Saturday evening? Do we have sound governments institutions completely independent to carryout genuine work. All government arms are expected to complement each for a good results. Leave alone the monopolistic tendency some of so called leaders. Personally am calling upon government agencies to help us to establish the truth as per Cerinah’s death. The answers provided are cross road answers. The biggest questions are What, why, where , how and who killed Nebanda Cerinah. Make everything public to avoid speculations otherwise its affects our integrity of government agencies and leaders. Gentlemen, I doubt whether you can’t be a minister for life. Let us learn from our history.

  22. if we are to curries out fresh investigation into mysterious deaths, we should not leave out Prof. Yusufu Lule the then chairman of NRM. Something fishy was overlooked

  23. Someone should answer these questions:
    1.Why was Dr Onzi intercepted?
    2.Why the intermittent reactions to arrest MPS and mourners?
    3.Why has this death occured after the late made very brave statements?
    4.Why hasn’t police arrested the ‘boy friend’?
    5.Why are there late night meetings going on being attended by police,statehouse operatives and top leaders on this matter?
    The list is endless.The way you act sometimes makes people jump to conclusions

  24. but nabanda is not the firstperson to die no is GOD

  25. i hate critics, people, nobody knows how you are going to die, ITS only almighty GOD who knows the truth and is the only one supposed to judge, people style up!!!!! and shut up!!! let NEBANDA rest in peace….

  26. The Saddam, Gaddafi and many dictators of this world have done it all but they one time went. Know that there is a time for everything but repent and leave evils ways God will forgive u

  27. 4 months now eversince our sera died of the same circumstance, banange God, stand in the middle of the wicked people and crush them down before killing others, Lord i lift your name high!

  28. With due respect to the fallen MP and her family, no one can confidently say that Late MP Nebanda wasn’t using any kind of drugs. Maybe she was and maybe she wasn’t so because everyone says she wasn’t that type of person who used drugs is not a premise to base on to make a conclusion because no one knows how she lived her private life, probably the mother inclusive. Although i don’t believe in the Museveni government, we ought to give the professionals who conducted the autopsy some respect. Most of the MPs are not meant to be representing their constituencies because they are corrupt, selfish, dirty, depressed with the loans payable accrued as a result of bribing voters and are capable of doing anything. So before we can make any conclusions, we need to get the facts first otherwise there will be no difference between us and the Museveni’s.

  29. the whole thing is a soap opera. may be a love triangle gone haywire. what makes you think that a 24 year old girl can be vocal in parliament without the aid of drugs? the mother, like most mothers, was sleeping. mothers you will be shocked what children do behind parents backs. to protect the reputation of the departed there is need to trash the president’s condolence speech. but he will remain your president. aren’t you a civil servant? reputation is a must for the departed one. last respect. the speech came at the wrong time. young ladies think twice before allowing yourselves to be propelled into parliament. do other things for yourself first before stepping into that big shoe. there is no need going to parliament. it is an impossible place. money there is attractive but also deadly for those not yet mature enough. young women listen to this anonymous advice. don’t go for a lone hunt for boyfriends. do some research first. parliament should come after family.

    1. Soap Opera, true a mother doesn’t know everything her child does. But Cerinah’s friends knew everything about her because she told them. Cerinah did not do drugs. She didn’t need drugs to be outspoken in any environment including parliament. She was killed for her politics by one of M7s goons.

  30. I admit we mourn in different ways, sometimes by condemning the dead. Allow me say this, when a man at the helm begins calling a whole country he leads as ‘my country’, then expect some more of this drama or soap opera.

  31. Museveni needs to fire his security agencies because they feed him with lies. Can you imagine they make him appear weird when he says that some mp’s organized hooligans to disrupt the funeral? This is broad day light,it is not hooligans. Was Nebanda’s mother a hooligan who tore the presidents speech? She has repeatedly said government killed her daughter;why is it the police can’t arrest her for saying its the govt and rather ran to a few people. By the way if it is the police alone that deal with crime,its time Kayihura stops the slogan of “help police so police can help you”. Police are impotent. They have never produced a single report,who can trust them? Lastly there is no law that forces someone to believe the govt findings. In a democracy there is always opposition and for the president to be angry with opposing voices is to hate democracy. When voices oppose you,just prove your side so you win not being angry coz you appear more guilty and having nothing to offer.

  32. seems they want silent Ugandan in the parliament so that they gas on every body,it will never happen.

  33. I think there is something that everyone is leaving out here; before you ruled it out to be the government or the late MP was involved in Drugs, one want to know from anyone who has a knowledge about the Monyono where this late Mp eta or drunk from (and the management of Monyono should explains its role in the death since its name has been mentioned instead of pretending deaf, or the public should look for ways of boycotting such pleases where you are not sure of what you are eating), who served her and any other process can be clear, who attended to her on whose order.
    i also remember reading an article on red paper pointing out that the victims had it hot (exchanged utterance) in the corridor of parliament with the Prime minister over the alleged corruption cases this should be the areas of concern as well. Journalist should help and unearth some of this information

  34. Nobody likes to be tormented because he or she has no guns to fight the wrong enemies cause around. President Museveni conducted himself in a cheap manner by attacking all hose who tried to find out the cause of the Death of the Late Legislator and Museveni went ahead to detain the Pathologist carrying the Body samples to South Africa for testing and worse still went ahead to mock the Mother of the Deceased by sending his speech and money for what.The Reward Museveni got was to tier the Speech and throw the papers at Moses Ali meaning everything was at the highest messy.

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