Child Pregnancy Levels Soar

Child Pregnancy Levels Soar

The number of Ugandan girls who are  dropping out of school after being defiled and impregnated is worryingly increasing, according to Wakisa, an organization that caters for girls with unwanted pregnancies.

Officials at Wakisa Ministries, a Pregnancy Crisis Centre along Namirembe Road told a delegation of visiting doctors on Wednesday that they have admitted several underage girls who were impregnated between 2016 and 2017, while others are already nursing their newborn babies.

Rachael Nalule, an official at the facility revealed that the number of girls they admit each month is increasing, an indication that the rate  at which men in Uganda are sexually abusing  young girls has doubled compared to past years.

Wakisa is an nongovernmental organisation that helps to rehabilitate underage girls who get unwanted  pregnancies, those chased from homes or schools after conceiving and those impregnated through rape.

The NGO helps these girls to access adequate antenatal care, caters for them during labour and later assists them in raising their babies, on top of equipping them with vocational skills that can enable the young mothers earn a living.



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