Chris Brown Paid 2.4bn To Perform In Ghana

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rihanna-and-chris-brown-SINGER CHRIS Brown was paid a reported $1m (’662,461) to perform at the launch of a major IT hub in Ghana, a move that has caused controversy around the world.

 Ghana’s decision to pay the Beautiful People star the substantial amount following the Hope City launch in the country’s capital of Accra, has been labelled a “misplaced priority” and many have highlighted that the country are still battling with ensuring there is “constant water”.
 “This whole money is coming from political coffers trust me. Million are waiting for a night show with Chris Brown but our lights still go off all day and night’go to Korle-Bu and see how poor people are sick and dying because of bad facilities,” wrote one user on Ghanaian news website, KSM.
 Another added: “We should learn to conserve the little money that we have, we shouldn’t think by eating from the same bowl as that of the western countries we’re the same. Mind you Ghana is a very poor country including its citizenry.”
Choice FM DJ Abrantee, one of the prominent UK Ghanaians, took to Twitter this morning, writing: “Ghana just spent $1m dollars on Chris Brownâ But the country still does not have constant water and light makes no sense.”
Brown, who has just returned from his European tour, shared the stage with Ghanaian stars R2Bees, D-Black, Efya, Samini and Sherifa Gunu, who, it is claimed “crawled away with peanuts” during opening night yesterday (March 5).
“This is the problem we have as a nation. We never cherish our own and project them into limelight. The notion that anything Western is good is trash,” wrote another KSN user.
Ghana’s President John Mahama has launched the Hope City project to build a $10bn (’6.6bn) IT hub near the capital, Accra, within three years.
Dubbed Hope City, it will have Africa’s tallest building, at a height of 270m (885ft), an investor says.
It will be built on empty land and will employ about 50,000 people and house 25,000 people, the investor adds.

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  1. The nature of this project justifies that price and its a good promotion tool, Africans whine too much get up an invent something instead of blaming the gov’t for everything. Ask what you can good for your country not what your country can do for you

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