Christians, politicians urged to support Churches

Amos Tayebwa
The Archdeacon for Greater Mbarara Rev. Can.  Bobs Nathan Mwesigye has asked Christians, Politicians and Government workers to always give support to churches especially in construction period.
While addressing the Media after the church service, Mwesigye said that Churches cannot operate or develop without support from the Christians, politicians and the Government institutions.  He said that the development of Churches must come as result of cooperation and unity between Christians, Government and Church Leaders. He urged Christians to never separate from their priests, that they should work with church leaders and support them for contributions towards church projects and constructions.
Can. Rev. Bobs Nathan Mwesigye speaking to Journalists 
Apparently,  Nyamityobora Church of Uganda is under construction. According to Rev. Munyaneza the remaining work demands about 132m to accomplish.  “Once Christians or Government distance themselves from their Church Leaders, the church will never be built, the construction will take delay even about 92 years under construction. Therefore be closer to us, work with us and support us to do the work of Lord” said Rev. Mwesigye.
Christians and priests were also asked to protect Church properties especially the lands that belong to Church. Can. Mwesigye  encouraged the public to stop politics into Church matters. That they should focus at Christianity and work for the Lord.
These were said, during the ceremony at Nyamityobora Parish Church of Uganda over the weekend when Rev. Emmanuel Munyaneza was fully elevated as the Parish Reverend for Nyamityobora Church of Uganda.  Munyaneza was installed by the Archdeacon Rev. Mwesigye, the Archdeacon of All Saints Church. Munyaneza was formerly working as Curate of All Saints Church before he was appointed as Reverend for Nyamityobora parish Church. He was teaching at Mbarara Municipal School for about 10 years before he joined clergy.
While addressing the journalists, he asked Christians to support him and complete the construction of Nyamityobora Church. He pledged to protect all the properties that belong to Nyamityobora Church of Uganda.

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