All is not well for the former blue 3 singer Cindy Sanyu after she was dumped by her Zungu lover Mario

Former Blue 3 singer Cindy Sanyu
Former Blue 3 singer Cindy Sanyu

Cindy Sanyu must have woken up from the bad side of her bed this morning, She has just posted on her Facebook page that; “I don’t know how to say this so I will just say it. I’m single again.”

When contacted, Cindy confirmed the break up.

“Yes we broke up but we are not fighting,” Cindy exclusively revealed to Red Pepper Online.

Mario is now trying to secure the custody of the baby.  Cindy and Mario spent the whole of yesterday at police in a child custody battle.

“We are in talks of  the child custody and not battles. There is nothing between us we are just fine,” Cindy further revealed.

Cindy and her beautiful baby.
Cindy and her beautiful baby.

Our eagle eyed snoops have revealed that Cindy is dating a South African guy only identified as Kenny.

“Kenny took Cindy to South Africa for a vacation that lasted for a whole week. When she returned, Mario chucked her,” Confirmed the snoop.

It is believed that Kenny  has been financing most of Cindy’s recent music projects that  saw her release songs like Dilema, Selector and many more.


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8 thoughts on “Cindy Dumped By Zungu Lover

    1. I think she knows both men better than you. She is mature, let her decide what she wants.

      1. It is only good friends who will give you an advise that not only benefits you alone but also your child, you are write but i think our traditions supports Mwesigyes comment. Better the devil that you know

        1. Very right. Why unnecessarily subject your child to single parenthood yet the two of you live? It is also selfish for the two to act in a manner that satisfy their pleasure but fail to take into consideration the interest of the child.

    2. I agree with you Christine…the so called new man cant trust a woman she has grabbed from someone…she can easily give in to a next person! She needs to quickly go down on her knees and have father of her child back and they patch up things!!

  1. To be honest, i thnk Waleya is right, a child needs the security both parents can offer. so Cindy, stuff it in n be a gd mother.

  2. Why do pple always say a child nids both parents to grow up well??. That is nonsense. A child does does not need both parents to grow up to be a better person. Its only who ds child grows up up wid to make them better. Some tyms a step dad mite even be better than da real dad. Cut that crap of sayin both parents hav to be together. How abt orphans. Do they grow up to be bad kids?? Its only who raises da child n in wat manner. A child wid both parents may also turn up to be a thug r ill mannared.

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