Cindy, Ken Display Poor Kissing Skills

The controversial couple of singer Cindy Sanyu and Kenneth Muyisa shocked revelers at Da boss bar when they started chewing each other’s lips in public.


It was not clear whether the two were drunk or just horny because the way they were kissing was so horrible that some snoops feared that one of them could have lost lips.

The couple was pictured kissing terribly, since Cindy almost bit off Ken’s upper lip, rising speculations that she may be the worst celebrity kisser ever.

The two seemingly horny lovebirds could not wait to get home and decided to lock lips but their mission went bad after snoops spotted how poor they are at kissing.

Cindy who was clad in hot short pants, acted submissive as Muyisa made her fleshy lips disappear as he sucked on them.

The former Blu*3 singer despite being a jumpy babe, seems Ken has her in full custody since he refers to her as his property.

‘Ma property is ma property. ..big up mama Africa…zalawo’ he posted on Facebook.

This comes just months after the two had a brief split up since Cindy had thrown Ken out of her house.

The two later reunited amidst speculations that Fina Mugerwa had a hand in their brief split.

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