Photos: Singh Arrested Over Shs388m Debt

Rubaga North MP flop Singh Parminder Marwaha aka Katongole was yesterday arrested for failing to pay a debt of Shs388m.

Singh Katongole (L) in action running away as Magumba (R) pursues him (Photos by Alex Bukumunhe)
Singh Katongole (L) in action running away as Magumba (R) pursues him (Photos by Alex Bukumunhe)

Katongole was picked by court bailiff Ismail Magumba of Capital Debt Agency as he exited the High Court Execution and Bailiffs Division where he had turned up to clear an earlier debt of his rival in Rubaga North and current MP Moses Kasibante.

“Mr. Singh do not run away: I am saying come and board this car. We cannot go (driving) in your car,” Magumba

was overheard shouting at Singh who was rushing to his car to drive away.

But a defiant Singh quickly trotted to his white Toyota Premio and as he sat Magumba also forced his way into it and they drove off to an unknown destination.

This was around 5:00pm after Magumba had detained Singh in the Court cells from 11:30am until he agreed to pay part of this money.


Court records show that Singh’s arrest warrant was issued by Masaka High Court on February 10, 2015.

“Whereas Singh was adjudged in Civil Suit No. 17 of 2010 of this court to pay the decree holder a principal sum of Shs369,576,000 and costs of the suit of Shs18,493,00 and whereas the total sum of Shs388,069,000 has not paid to the satisfaction of the decree. These are to command you to arrest the said judgment debtor Singh Parminder…..,” reads in part the arrest warrant issued by Masaka High Court Assistant Registrar Julia Acio.


Immediately he was arrested, Singh called his lawyer Dr. James Akampumuza with whom they remained locked up the Court cells and Magumba was observed moving in and out communicating on phone.

Later an agreement was reached and Singh managed to issue a cheque of Shs70m to the bailiff and pleaded that he begins the process of payment next month.

It is said he pleaded to be allowed to pay the first installment on April 1, 2015.

This is the second time Singh is being arrested over debts. In May last year, he was arrested over a debt of Shs121m that arose of an electoral petition by his rival Kasibante.


Singh is also facing another civil suit from a group of his fellow Ugandan of Indian Origin; the Ramgarhia Sikh Society.

These accuse him of illegally selling off their property along Nakivubo Road at a cost of USD2.7m over Shs8bn.

The hearing of this case is still going on before Justice Elizabeth Musoke of the High Court Civil Division.


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