Cindy Wows Fans At Her 28th Birthday

The 'Amateka' singer will be performing live in Mbale


The former BLU*3 singer Cindy yesterday August 28 thrilled her fans at the Kabalagala based Club Venom as she celebrated her 28th birthday.

Cindy yesterday celebrated her 28th birthday at Club Venom
Cindy yesterday celebrated her 28th birthday at Club Venom

The club that was fairly filled was yawning for Cindy’s music up to a few minutes to 2:00am.

Clad in black top and black high hills, Cindy rocked the stage with her queen dancers to entertain the crowds.

Before hitting the stage, she was first surprised by her hubby Mario who brought her a birthday cake a few minutes to her performance.

Upon seeing the cake, Cindy could not control what she was feeling; she quickly hugged her hubby as the whole air was contaminated with good noise from Lillian Mbabazi’s birthday song.

A fairly filled house danced to Cindy’s songs that included; Amateka, One And Only, Total Satisfaction, Party and many more.

Unlike Desire Luzinda, Cindy confirmed to us that she was born on August 28 1985 and that she doesn’t like people who make themselves young yet they are old.

Some of the local celebrities who graced Cindy’s birthday and performance were, Peter Miles, Atlas Igumira, Rabadaba of the Love Portion fame, Lillian Mbabazi and many more.

Cindy came on social scene in 2000 at the age of 15 after the Coca Cola pop star events where her together with Jackie Chandiru and Lillian Mbabazi were given longtime music contracts.

For a period of roughly seven years, Cindy was part of the BLU*3 and during this time, the group achieved a lot including PAM Awards, KISIIMA nominations and MTV nominations.

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  1. Oh God, they told you she started singing at the age of 15! But anyway, you’re right to doubt since many gals like to lie about their exact age. But sincerely if you can remember her first appearances, she was really little, so it could be true she’s 28. Eeeeh, but Desire also can want! Cutting 2 years would have been fair, but she slashed them all! Desire must be around 35.

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