City Dudes Launch Campaign Against Ban On Mini Skirts

Such skirts are to be banned.


Wearing of miniskirts in Uganda could soon land one in jail or attract heavy fines if Parliament approves this new piece of legislation. To counter this, a group of horny city dudes have started a campaign to save the miniskirts from being banned off our streets.

The group under ‘save the miniskirt in uganda’already have a facebook and a twitter page. Their mission reads thus;”In a country that faces humiliating poverty, gross corruptions, poor roads, bad hospitals and a lousy education system;MP’s need to find better ways to spend their time instead of discussing how to abolish miniskirts in the country”

Interestingly, the group headed by a hunk working with a top corporate company has forked out staggering dime to as far as funding T-shirts that spell out their mission.”We want to give out these T-shirts free of charge. We are rolling out to campaign to re-direct these MP’s to be able to discuss more critical issues that affect the masses than miniskirts,” the group leader revealed.


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