State House Spends Shs600m Daily

State House is to spend Shs1.7 billion per day even as important sectors of the economy, including agriculture, health and education look to unfulfilled promises.

There being reports of  shortfalls in revenue collections, figures in the Supplementary Schedule No.1 that  the government brought to Parliament this week provide  insights into how State House plans to spend Shs138.2 billion requested for additional spending.

From the Shs47.5 billion earmarked for “donations”, President Museveni budgets to dish out the equivalent of more than Shs609.9 million per day to unnamed beneficiaries for the remaining 78 days of the financial year.

But State House Comptroller Lucy Nakyobe on Thursday defended the Shs138.2 billion as justified. She protested that breaking down the amount into what it translates for each day gives a “wrong picture” about State House spending.

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