City Man Eater Chantal Ruby Survives Rape

Chantal Ruby Uwimbabazi is a budding socialite who lives a wild but fun life across the city, so she needs no serious introduction.


Latest information we have is that the upcoming man eater survived being raped by a yet to be identified Indian chap, who craved for cookie long time ago.

Apparently, it all started when Chantal went job hunting in the wrong zone, not knowing that this chap (probably Patel) was sexually starving.

On reaching the office for interviews, Chantal got the shock of her life when this dude stated caressing her, and massaging her shoulders, in preparation for sex.

“He comes close to me and tries to grab my small butt, guess what I do? I pretend like am removing my shoe, as he stands there waiting. I get up, beat him in the face with my kakondo. (I actually thought I had killed him)” she posted on Facebook.

The furious Chantal narrated how she also survived being taken into coolers by the employees of the Indian, only to be let go upon his mercy.

Judging from the long narration she made, Chantal nearly got raped in this office, had it not been for her brave decision to hit him.

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