Clever J Re-Joins Music Industry

Clever J

Manzi Wa Nani singer whose music career almost came to an end in 2011 after he successfully failed to record more songs is now fighting hard to get a comeback hit.

Clever J
Clever J

Recently, the Monica singer rejoined the industry with a massive force by recording a new song titled Guli Bubi.

While speaking to Red Pepper Online, Clever J promised the greatest comeback ever.

“I have lots of songs to record and they massive hits that my fans will appreciate,” said Clever J

Clever J started his music journey way back in 1994. After Joining Chameleone’s Leone Island as a backup singer, he composed his first three songs which are ‘Yewuwo, Sirina mulala’ and ‘Obusungu’.

After quitting Leone Island in 2006, he released an eight track album titled Manzi Wanani. He then followed it up with a third album titled ‘Ensi Yaleeta’ then another album called ‘kyolina Muwe’ which had  seven tracks though only six were released. The songs are ‘Kamutendereze, Kyolina Muwe, Leka, Mwenziyo, Nsula Nkuloota and simulula.

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