Cocaine, Heroin Found In Nebanda’s Blood

Former Butaleja Woman MP Cerinah Nebanda


The autopsy results in the death of fallen Butaleja woman member of Parliament Cerinah Nebanda reveal that chemicals such as cocaine, heroin, alcohol and several others were found in parts of her body that were used as test samples after the post mortem.

These damning results were released on Saturday evening. Cerinah Nebanda died on the 14th of December and her death has since been shrouded in mystery.

If this autopsy carried out by the government chemist and a UK Laboratory are something to go by, it confirms early reports that the legislator could have died of possible drug overdose although some of her colleagues have vehemently rubbished reports that she used any drugs.

During a requiem mass early in the week, the brother of the deceased demanded an apology from media outlets which reported that her death could be due to alcohol and drugs.

On Tuesday, MPs postponed the lawmaker’s burial that was slated for Thursday demanding a full investigation to ascertain the cause of her death.

However,  during a special sitting to honour the fallen Butaleja MP, Parliament decided to excuse itself from any investigation into her death and resolved that burial should go ahead to which her family set Sunday as the date she will be laid to rest. Below is the Autopsy report.


The significant findings as seen at autopsy were congested lungs with oedema and patch consolidation. The pancreas had a dull outer surface and a haemorrhagic cut surface. The stomach mucosa was hyperaemic.

Significant toxins detected in urine, post-mortem blood, stomach content samples (and trace amounts in white wine) included ethanol (alcohol), cocaine (and its metabolites/breakdown products), morphine (and its metabolites/breakdwond products), codeine, chloroquine, cocaethlene and dextromethorphan.

The fact that some of these toxins/drugs were detected in the stomach contents is an indication that they may have been taken orally prior to death.

The detection of the products and their breakdown substances in the blood and urine indicated they were absorbed and distributed in the blood stream to various body organs and eventually excreted in the urine.

The post-mortem report by Prof Wabinga indicates that the need puncture wound seen at autopsy was for administering medication

Here below is a brief on the detected drugs and their effect:


Detected in trace amounts, is used for treatment of malaria.


Used as a cough suppressant as well as for pain relief. The patchy consolidation seen at autopsy is a sign of Bronchophneumonia which may present in cough. The deceased was probably on medication for cough (or pneumonia).

Alcohol (Ethanol)

Post-mortem findings are non-specific but include intense congestion of the gastric mucosa (reported as hyperaemia in this post-mortem), odour of alcholic beverages (probably the sweet smell reported at autopsy), and congensation of the organs.

Cocaine(and metabolites)

The effects on the body could be due to a cocaine or its breakdown products. Post-mortem findings include pulmonary edema and congestion (as seen at autopsy). Chronic use of cocaine is associated with cardiotoxicity especially heart rhythm disturbances (which cannot be seen at autopsy with the naked eye).

Morphine/Heroin/Codeine (and metabolites)

Depress the central nervous system which may lead to sudden death resulting from respiratory depression, cardiac arrest, heart rhythm disturbances (arrhythmias) or severe pulmonary edema.

The observed pulmonary edema and congestation, patch consolidation of the lungs, dull pancreas, hyperaemic stomach at post-mortem may have an explained link to the toxicology findings.

NB: The effects of the toxins/drugs discovered in the blood potentiate each other as do the adverse effects.

Dr Jane Ruth Aceng

Director General Health Services

Ministry of Health

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  1. sorry may your soul rest in peace. life is short so every one need Jesus for life assurance . Hon Bahate be strong those are gays that wanna flame you continue the fight

  2. The Big Devil is at work!!
    Am not surprised with this spin to make the deceased look insane.
    Time to reinstate term limits.
    This would not be necessary.

  3. Things fall apart…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What a comedy………..
    She has defied the status quo in life and in death……she has made the system amazingly amateurish even at opening up or covering up

  4. This report, then what? What is implied in this report? May her soul rest in peace like many who have gone before her in similar circumstances.

  5. Be carefull!! The operative statement is: “The fact that some of these toxins/drugs were detected in the stomach contents is an indication that they may have been taken orally prior to death.”

    It means that someone dropped a deadly concoction in her drink. A combination of Morphine, heroin and cocaine, taken orally is deadly. Even in trace amounts.

  6. My advice to the GOVT invest in IT and PR , employ people based on their expertise, learn the art of mgt and coordination. Whether the MP died of a cocktail of drugs or not is questionable because you blundered in the areas I have mentioned above. The state can kill, maim, poison, intimidate, sabotage but how? You must be smart not act like Bad Black village green stuff is what this GOVT is it must be streetwise in it’s work.

  7. thanks for the doctored tests ,next time try to be faster to beat the peoples curiosty because media is firster than government,shame on you mr presdent

  8. That may be the truth. Since the uk report has detected drugs, now let Dr. Onzinva proceed to SA since there is now no cause for stress. His report will then cast in stone CAUSE of death. Le t a certain mp named by the family be investigated for possible drug abuse.

  9. Everyone knows that these are fake results. Michael Jackson’s results took three weeks, and this is the norm, how come these results came out so quickly?

  10. personally i dont believe those results. for crying out loud when will this government stop fooling the public
    the only thing they have to do now is to come out n apologise to the deceased family. i mean they should have some respect for the family

  11. the drugs were taken orally! someone might have administered it! or was the concoction just added to the tissue? then why stop the good doctor from going to S. Africa with the samples? then the speed of the report while we are still waiting for mayombo, kayira, kasubi, school fires, kibwetere etc reports!!!!!!

  12. i personally have no words for our government, just imagine where it is taking us. you can’t just come out of nowhere and start decieving the mass about something which is pure and clear enough. lets just pray for the deceased and her family as well.
    we nolonger want to comeback in our country just because of that and ” just know whoever did this just know hell is waiting. its just matter of time when you also be called “omugenzi” all of us thats the way.

  13. Let’s love one another. Love your neighbour as you love yourself. Do to others what you would want them to do to you. Jesus will come back soon, then there will be judgment. We shall all face judgement after death. This is the time for you and me to repent.

  14. WHICH LONDON LAB was used as a matter of interest!!!!
    London, which withheld Kayira’s report and handed to M7 but not public

  15. Really, Is it so? You are describing Late Hon as if she is those rastafarians staying in the Ghettos taking Bhangis. Is is unfortunate

  16. all thats ugandan politics covering up naye GOD is watching their time is soon coming who knew gaddafi would die like a dog or saddam would be picked from a pot hole

  17. Now autopsy done. Lets wait for mouthology and politiceology continue with their work. RIP Great daughter!

  18. Even if the best scientists found out the cause of her death,the government would annouce something else.

  19. It does not make sense at all..we may try our best to get the truth but the person/people responsible will do their best to keep us far from the truth..may God keep her family,relatives and friends strong.You will get through this.

  20. I can now see some otherwise decent ministers start to wonder what government they are working with. The story of Dr. Onzivua reminds me of the story of another Ugandan doctor Mbalu-Mukasa and the notorious State Research Buruea that was located in Nakasero. That IGP Kale Kayihura has all of sudden disappeared from the Cerinah story is most telling. It appears there is now a shadowy security apparatus in Uganda that surprises even Kayihura when it springs into action. Remember Gilbert Bwana Arinaitwe who almost killed Besigye with paper spray!! Idi Amin’s notorious State Research is back alive and well in Uganda again. I suppose the more things change the more they stay the same. The life Presidency project is fatal. Shame to the Parliament that removed term limits,

    1. We only need term limits in place. otherwise this kamanyilo of aman for 25yrs. we will live to regreat the more.

  21. please dont make us look stupid, i have been around people who use drugs in our rehab here in texas for about 11yrs but i have never seen somebody getting high on cocaine at the same time taking heroin addicts dont mix cocaine and heroin. so that is stupid for govt to say that she had cocaine and heroin in her blood. govt doctors go back to school its impossible for anybody to mix those drugs period

    1. That’s why she is dead. Drugs were mixed in her system either intentionally by the poisoner in her drink or she was experimenting. The ones you treat are on single drugs at a time maybe that’s why they are alive.

  22. This is too confusing for me.can someone use cocaine and heroin at the same time.?what motive was there fo govt to kill the mubaka?

  23. Museveni is fighting a war he will not win because of his hypocrisy and is regime might end up being facing the end.


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