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Uganda’s single largest foreign exchange earner, coffee realized a drop in export numbers in November 2014 of 17% according to the Uganda Coffee Development Authority.


The UCDA report for November 2014 indicates that 219,948 bags were exported during the month, compared to 263,733 bags in November 2013.

“Robusta exports decreased by 13.83% in volume and increased by 1.07% in terms of value compared to the same period last year 2013/14.


Similarly, Arabica exports decreased by 23.09% and increased by 29.92 % in value compared to last year,” the report reads.

As the year comes to a close, so does the peak of harvest season in Eastern Uganda, explaining the lower numbers in terms of exports.

Additionally, UCDA notes that the black twig borer pest affected harvests in the Robusta growing regions, whereas the berry disease affected coffee in the Sebei region.

The performance in November 2014 was below the target of 260,000 bags.

Despite the fall in the number of bags exported, the value was up on slightly higher prices and a stronger Dollar position.

When the Shilling depreciates against the Dollar, exporters benefit more as it increases the value of the products.

The coffee exported in November 2014 was worth US $29.49 million up by almost 10.6% from $26.6million in November 2013.

Uganda has since December 2013 exported 3.48million bags valued at $405million. This is still 6.8% below the estimated target set at the beginning of the year. In UCDA’s admission, coffee exports will also drop to 240,000 bags at the end of December 2014.

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