CONFESSION: I’ve Never Tasted A Gal’s ‘Sompyo,’ Mabirizi ‘Spiderman’ Reveals

CONFESSION: I’ve Never Tasted A Gal’s ‘Sompyo,’ Mabirizi ‘Spiderman’ Reveals

By Serestino Tusingwire

Mustapha Lule, the man now christened ‘spiderman’ after surviving death despite jumping from the rooftop of Mabirizi complex last weekend has spoken out on the good and bad he has experienced in his life and why he attempted to take his life.

According to him, for the years he has lived in this world, he has experienced more hardships than good things and that’s why he deemed himself useless and attempted to commit suicide.

Speaking to our reporter from his sick bed, Lule said he has never had a girl friend and doesn’t have any experience associated with babes including tasting their ‘sompyos.’

“I have never had any girlfriend in my life,” he confessed.

In his story, Lule is a Primary Seven drop-out, and was renting a Shs50, 000 room in Nansana with his brother, but failed to pay rent plus other debts. He says sticks are part of his daily meal because of failure to pay the money he owes to different people.

“I was a tailor but with few clients and sometimes I would close the day without money for transport back home,” he said, adding: “I have many problems in my life that sometimes I regret why I was born.”

Lule’s mother, Ms Amatu Namakula, said he came to her house two weeks ago begging for Shs15, 000 to look after himself but she couldn’t help him.

It is suspected that at this point, Lule thought that he was useless and decided to commit suicide though God still wanted him to live.


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