Coordinators Launch Muhoozi Project Kigezi Sub-Region

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By Moses Agaba

Kabale: Team chairman MK project famous known for promoting Lt. General Muhoozi Kainerugaba the commander land forces have been launched in the Kigezi sub region.

The team MK Project led by the western Uganda coordinator Gerald Agaba launched various coordination committees in the Kigezi districts   of Rukungiri, Kanungu, Kisoro, Rubanda, Kabale, and Rukiga.


In Kabale the launch was held at the District council hall that was attended by various district leaders led by the LC5 Nelson Nshangabasheija, sheikh Kassim Kamugisha the NRM Kabale Municipality MP flag bearer and the Nakawa RCC, Godfrey Nyakahuma  the Kabale RDC, Sam Arinaitwe the Central Division LC III in Kabale municipality.

The chairman of team Chairman Muhoozi Kainerugaba in western region Gerald Agaba told people in Kigezi sub region that Muhoozi Kainerugaba being a soldier, he formed MK project to Unite Ugandans for the well being despite of their religious affiliations, tribe and political parties.

Agaba said that MK project is a very sensitive project, warning the commissioned Committee members to keen, conscious of their actions in public and be ambassadors of the project to mobilize masses to see light and join project.

He also told people that the project is also aimed at developing different talents among Ugandans to make value addition to the growth of the country.He emphasized that the project is also aimed at making systematic transfer of power in the country.

Agaba says that Team MK project is political form of continuity headed by the younger brother of Uganda’s president and uncle to the commander of land forces Michael Kaguta Toyota as It started way back in 2012 with underground movements and officially launched as the commander of land forces Lt.Gen.Muhoozi Kainerugaba celebrated his 48th birthday.

Agaba said that team chairman is non segregative and is aiming at empowering all people irrespective of their political affiliations, religion and tribe He further warmed committee members against personalizing Mk project but rather know and master the ideology of the project, be disciplined, respect leaders and sacrifice time and fight for the country.

“As team chairman that why we wear all kinds of colors talk of red, yellow, blue, white and black is because we want to remove that affiliation of color in regard to political parties from people, we are all one, why should colors separate us”. Said Agaba.

Nelson Nshangabasheija the Kabale LC5 Chairperson praise and thanking Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba for being a special gift for Uganda from God Following the border reopening between Uganda and Rwanda initiated by Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba, after even presidents tried but things didn’t work out but when he got involved it was resolved.

Nshangabasheija says that the   border reopening initiated by Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba, that has revamped business in Kabale and Kigezi sub region saying that what he did it shows that he has leadership potential as his father President Museveni as he is a peacemaker, freedom fighter as the Rukiga adage that says that “ eshagama eraruga omukironda literally “blood comes from the wound “.

“President Museveni has been here guiding the country for all this time.  We have total peace and security backed with social economic transformation, why not to embrace the son and we continue with peace as the bullet comes from a hard metal  “Said Nshangabasheija.

Godfrey Nyakahuma the Kabale RDC vowed to crush political Lumpens that intend to disrupt the progress of the country saying that as RDC of Kabale he will not allow  violence makers to disrupt peace put in place by National Resistance Movement party. He said that there is now how he will allow violators.

“We cannot allow Lumpens who Celebrate the death of people to rule Uganda we have set everything for Gen. Muhoozi to take over after Museveni, when the time is right. I repeat, Lumpens cannot rule this country in our presence. That would call for another Liberation struggle.” Said Nyakahuma.

He added that since most of the army  General continue to retire every other day, there is need to prepare the new force that can carry on the mantle of the National Resistance Movement saying that he now see General Muhoozi Kainerugaba as the person with potential to lead the country to a new chapter.

He vowed and said that there is no way how people sacrificed their lives and time and see Lumpens coming up to take the leadership of the country a thing he said that he won’t tolerate.

In Kisoro the  LC5 Vice Chairperson Alex Nambajimana   asked the western representatives of team MK project to vy for government immediate consideration of Kisoro in their long awaited promises by the state leaders.

Nambajimana  said that government needs to speed up the process of  the  John Kale Institute of science and technology (JKIST) that was previously promised by president of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni Kaguta. Nambajimana added that even the foundation stone that was laid by the president way back in 2017 in Rwivovo is nowhere to be seen.

He also said that the people of Kisoro want that the son of the soil  the former inspector general of police Gen. Kale Kayihura  they expected him to be retired officially and assigned to other state duties as it is done to other former uniformed men. He said that though the president of Uganda acquitted the charges against him, he still has the capacity to assign him with other state duties.

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