Court Okays NRM Delegates Conference

The forthcoming National Resistance Movement (NRM) party delegates conference slated for December 15 is to go on, the High Court in Kampala has ruled.

Retired Captain Daudi Ruhinda Maguru
Retired Captain Daudi Ruhinda Maguru

This is after court dismissed an application that had been filed by Rtd Cpt Daudi Ruhinda Maguru, President Museveni’s former aide, in which he was seeking court’s orders to block the conference.

Capt Maguru had reasoned that delegates conference if held would be in breach of his earlier consent judgment that he entered in with the NRM top party leadership on October 25, 2010 and that he would suffer irreparable damage.

However, presiding Judge Lydia Mugambe in her verdict; noted that the balance of convenience skewed on NRM’s side to hold the delegates conference before encouraging Maguru to raise his issues at the conference for redress.

The judge explained that Capt Maguru through his lawyer Ladislaus Rwakafuuzi had failed to show court that if the NRM delegates conference is not stopped, he will suffer irreparable damage that cannot be atoned to by NRM party.

The judge also reasoned that the NRM has already incurred a lot of expenses in preparation for the conference and that instead of blocking the same, Capt Maguru should go and raise his concerns there.

The judge in her ruling also wondered why Maguru had to wait for over two years to enforce the consent judgment and only ran to court to block its conference after seeing a notice in papers.

Court ordered each party to bear its own costs on grounds that there is a consent judgment involved from which the application for the injunction arose.

The consent judgment arose from a case in which Capt Maguru had sued NRM alleging that he had been deliberately blocked from contesting against President Yoweri Museveni for party flag bearer in the last party elections where President Museveni was the sole candidate.

However, Maguru dropped the case, and demanded for Shs70m as costs of the suit. Subsequently, a consent judgment was entered in court presided over by the then principal judge James Ogoola.

He also said that it was agreed that the CEC members in the positions of chairman, vice chairpersons, secretary general, national treasurer and deputies, were to hold the positions for 10 months from the 2011 general elections, after which fresh elections  would be held but all in vain.

To that extent, he had faulted President Museveni for calling the forthcoming delegates conference saying he is a masquerading as Chairman of NRM since he ceased to be the party chairman ten months after the party elections.

Shortly after the ruling, Capt Maguru said he is dissatisfied with the ruling and that he is to appeal. On being asked whether he will attend the delegates conference as advised by court and raise his issues, Maguru said he will make up his mind later but the first thing on his mind is to appeal today’s ruling.

The ruling comes a day after two opposition MPS; Brenda Nabukenya (Luwero Woman MP) and Joseph Sewungu (Kalungu East) had also run to the same court seeking to block the same delegates conference. Court is yet to hear and determine their application.

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