Court Orders Daily Monitor To Hand Over Tinye’s Letter

Daily Monitor's Don Wanyama

Police have secured a court order compelling The Monitor Publications to hand over a copy of the letter authored by General David Sejusa to the Director General of Internal Security Organisation – ISO.

Daily Monitor's Don Wanyama
Daily Monitor’s Don Wanyama

The Daily Monitor journalists were served the court order on Thursday at the Criminal Investigations and Intelligence Directorate (CIID) in Kibuli where they were responding to a summons to handover the said document.

The order follows unsuccessful attempts by police to secure the said letter on which the paper based to write a number of stories for their publication.

On May 7, Daily Monitor published a story based on an April 29 letter allegedly written by General Sejusa, commonly known as Tinyefuza, in which the decorated army officer asks ISO to investigate allegations that some government and army officers are targeted for elimination for opposing the so-called “Muhoozi Project.” The project, according to Sejusa, refers to alleged plans by President Yoweri Museveni to front his son, Brigadier Muhoozi Kainerugaba, to succeed him.
General Sejusa said those opposed to the project, including himself and Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi among others, are being targeted.

The government reacted by first distancing themselves from the allegations and threatening Sejusa that he was acting outside the law, before turning to the media for promoting propaganda. For three consecutive days, Daily Monitor Managing Editor Don Wanyama and two reporters, Richard Wanambwa and Risdel Kasasira, have appeared at the CIID headquarters for questioning over the stories. Police have been pushing Daily Monitor to hand over the copy of the letter.

Today, court ordered Executive Editor Simon Freeman, Managing Editor Don Wanyama and the two reporters Richard Wanambwa and Risdel Kasasira, to handover the letter and the source of the said letter.

Detective Assistant Superintendent of Police, Emmanuel Mbonimpa, the officer investigating the case, made the application to court to order the journalists to produce the original letter whose contents were published on May 7, 2013.

Speaking to Uganda Radio Network, the deputy police spokesperson, Patrick Onyango revealed that the letter was critical in the on-going investigations.

The Monitor Publications Company Secretary, Ann Abeja confirmed receipt of the court order.

However when asked whether they would comply with the order, Abeja said the company has asked their lawyer to handle the matter.

According to Abeja, the court order requires the journalists to handover the original letter which they do not have because they were neither authors nor recipients of the same.

Abeja said their lawyers of Nangwala and Rezida Company Advocates would find an appropriate way to deal with the court order.

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  1. There is no hope in Uganda’s CIID apart from being used as tools for extracting wastes material pit latrines, because intimidating our citizens and journalist will never give you a valid information or solution for your poor skills of collecting information or data for nation building, so stop being unprofessional in your service.

  2. its very clear where the letter was addressed to why don’t they ask the organ that it was addressed to. Monitor just had grips of the letter i guess the sender is there, the organ that received it is there, why dont you get those one before you rush to monitor.

  3. “According to Abeja, the court order requires the journalists to handover the original letter which they do not have because they were neither authors nor recipients of the same.” I love lawyers. They so clever.

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