COVID-19: Judiciary suspends court hearing, advises parties to file written submissions

By Isa Kasalu

Kampala – Following the presidential directive on the prevention and containment of coronavirus spread in Uganda, the judiciary has released directives suspending court business for a period of thirty-two days.

In a statement signed by the Chief Justice, Bart Katureebe, activities such as, hearing cases, the appearance of victims in courts and handling cases at different stages of submissions, respective courts may advise parties to file written submissions

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“The prisoners and remandees will not be presented to court and possible some proceedings may be conducted using video link, however, the court will handle certificates of urgency and taking plea for serious cases and bail applications and also the judicial officers and staff will be on duty but there will be no open court appearances.

In the same statement, Judicial Officers with pending judgement shall use this period to complete them and where possible judgements and rulings may be issued to parties online or via emails.

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Conferences, workshops, meetings, training programs are also put at a standstill and no foreign travels for judicial staff are over hault.

Lastly, the guidelines may be revised from time to time in accordance with the national policy directives.

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