COVID-19: Kisoro woman delivers by road-side as public transport ban bites

Kisoro woman delivers on road-side amid public transport ban

Kisoro – A woman in Kisoro, on Sunday, April 5, delivered adjacent to Police station after reaching her time after a long trek given the ban on public transport, RedPepper’s Moses Agaba reports.

Ms Topista Kampire, a resident of Butunga village, Rwingwe parish Nyakabande sub-county Kisoro district gave birth to a bouncing baby girl in front of Kisoro central police station along the Kisoro-Bunagana Road

Kampire had trekked on foot for over 15 kilometres from Butunga village for Kisoro hospital because of the ban on public transport.

Speaking with our reporter, Ms Kampire recounted her ordeal that she started experiencing labour pains in the wee hours of the night and sought her mother-in-law and husband to accompany her to Kisoro hospital.

After her endeavours to get transport means with all the special-hire (cab) drivers refused to take them in fear of the kiboko-wielding LDUs deployed to enforce the Presidential directives and urge Kampire and her relatives to first contact the RDC to give them permission.

“We tried to ask the taxi drivers to take us they refused and told us to first get permission from RDC and when we tried to call some leaders numbers they were not picking we had no option but to begin walking,” said Kampire.

At 4 am, Kampire, her husband and mother-in-law decided to walk to the hospital until her labour pains ensued prompting the expectant mother to deliver in front of Kisoro central police station at around 7.30 am with the help of her mother-in-law and some good Samaritans.

She decried the conditions under, which she delivered her baby as they were very bad because of her failure to get transport.

Shortly after delivery, some good Samaritans recommended she proceed to hospital with their pleas landing on deaf ears as Kampire re-routed back to her home.

Her mother-in-law says that she was helped by some passers-by and residents who helped her daughter in law to give birth.

She blamed the situation on the ban of public transport.

Slyvia Mukesheimana, one of the on-lookers asked authorities to revise the directives and provide special laws to cater to the sick.

Dr Sison Mugisha, a member of Kisoro district task force who is in charge of infections prevention control decried what had happened was unfortunate

“I am calling upon anybody who knows these people to get in touch with the task force so that the health workers can assess the health situation of both the mother and the baby,” Dr. Mugisha requested

He added that Delivering on the way has a lot of health interventions are missed to the detriment of both the mother and the baby as they are ready to swiftly swing in action and help up out if their whereabouts can be established.

“What happened was regrettable! we have health personnel so we are tracking the mother so that we can assess her and the baby. I urge the people of Kisoro that when in such incidences, they need to use their local leaders for quick intervention,” said Dr Mugisha.

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