‘Creation of New Counties Illegal’ – Opposition

The Shadow Minister for Local Government, Hon. Betty Nambooze, has castigated Members of Parliament who are proponents of the Motion for the creation of the 39 new counties, saying the move is illegal.



This was during her presentation to the Public Service and Local Government Committee on Wednesday, 22 July 2015.

Hon. Nambooze explained that the Opposition is of the view that there are no services that originate from counties and that they are only being created for political reasons.

“On 26th February 2013, this honorable House amended the Local Government Act, Section 45 (1), where counties as administrative units were repealed. The issue was discussed in this committee and it was unanimously agreed upon,” said Hon. Nambooze.

She explained that the amendment of Section 45 (1) removed administrative powers from counties, parishes and villages making them non-functional since their functions were being dispensed by the district.

Hon. Nandala Mafabi, MP Budadiri County West, advised the committee to lobby for an Upper House instead of new counties because it would increase the cost of administration of a bloated Parliament of over 400 Members.

“We need to think; we don’t need to hurry just to please some voters. Besides, the mandate for the creation of the new counties is with the Electoral Commission, which uses the census results. At the moment, the results are only provisional,” he said.

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