Desire Celebrates ‘25th Birthday’

Desire Luzinda

Forever upcoming  sexy musician Desire Luzinda is set to celebrate her 25th birthday today if what she posted on her Facebook wall is something to go by.

The female musician who has since failed to impose herself on the Ugandan music scene on Wednesday posted pictures of her supposed birthday gifts on her Facebook wall with one of a teddy bear she says is likely to cause a war between the musician and her daughter.

Desire Luzinda in China recently
Desire Luzinda in China recently

Desire however did not share details about the ‘mysterious dude’ who bought her the teddy bear. According to a note besides the ‘gifts’, Desire was born on August 15 1988 which falls on Thursday.

Many of Desire's fans have questioned her '25 years'
Many of Desire’s fans have questioned her ’25 years’

‘With my 25th birthday around the corner,Just received these from lovely friends but he who sent the middle one is gonna cause a fight btn mum n daughter ‪#‎HAPPY’ she posted.

However, fans have received this ‘advance birthday’ announcement with pessimism with some questioning whether she is right above her age.

A screen shot showing Desire's Facebook post
A screen shot showing Desire’s Facebook post with the gifts she has received

One Cyrus Mulwana II commented on the post challenging Desire’s alleged 25 years “Luzinda Desire OLIMBA,yo above 30 years of age_Abayimbi lwaki mutusiriwazza? Banange Swaalako oyogere AMAZIMA” he said.

A screen shot with gifts and a note that seems to tell the official date of her birth.
A screen shot with gifts and a note that seems to tell the official date of her birth.



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19 thoughts on “Desire Celebrates ‘25th Birthday’

  1. Why do these artists show there butts please show some brains ? All those gifts are fake especially the Champagne. Moet & Chandon Chardonnay champagne are good wines made in France so if you purchase yours from China I just doubt the contents and displaying your birthday is a tell tell sign something is wrong!

  2. 3 Bottles of Champaign each costs from 20 euros to 1700Euros a bottle, one Calvin klein swish made Watch original is 195 Euros, who affords all that in Uganda or you bought them in China for yourself?

  3. Kwenda huko kabisa, hiyo nyuma imeona mengi acha uongo ya 25, totulimba nawe, elyo ebina si lya abiri mutano, lilabye bingi nawe totulimba. Yade oyina emyakka atano ebina lyo likya sanyusa!!!

  4. I first saw Desire Luzinda’s music on video some 7 years ago. She was about 25 years by then. How can she be 25 years now? I guess she is in her early 30s.

  5. can we see your passport or birth certificate to prove your age please.that simple print out does not mean anything

  6. (25+52)/2=38.5 She is 38 yrs and 6 months old…..That’s the Math.
    Formula=(For any female disclosed age that is a not a multiple of 10, the real age is the average of the sum of the claimed age and its inverse)

    If you are reading this formula more than once, you surely need to be ashamed of yourself…. 🙂

  7. Is it the reason as to why u have failed musically,desire stop downgrading yourself,shame to you,stop fooling everyone,yo 38 years n still counting,today yo 25 same day next year u will still be 25 for the next 5 years

  8. Just want to know how old the daughter is.Guess she must have conceived when she was in teens.sign of poor upbringing.

  9. Really she is eight years younger than her young brother Harris Luzinda who always posts on facebook to be 33 years….

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