Detective Arrested In Kaweesi Murder Probe

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Detective Arrested In Kaweesi Murder Probe

The police has arrested a detective suspected of involvement in the murder of AIGP Felix Kaweesi two weeks ago.

The detective has not been named but according to published reports, he is also suspected in the murder of three other policemen and is attached to the CID but based in Sembabule district.

He is at the rank of Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP).


The detective was arrested on Friday and this latest arrest bring to five the number of suspected arrested in the investigation. These include two policemen and a UPDF soldier.

The detective was part of the team that investigated the 2012 murder of Wilberforce Wamala a city businessman and his shamba boy. Recent reports have linked Kaweesi to the murder of Wamala and some suspect Kaweesi could have been assassinated by those who killed Wamala and his shamba boy.

The detective is said to have communicated with some of the suspects in the Kaweesi murder a week before the AIGP was gunned down at Kulambiro. Detectives reportedly found phone call logs of the two communicating for long hours including that of the exiled Sengooba. The police want to find out why a detective working in Sembaabule would be communicating with a suspected gangster in Kampala.

The army has however refuted reports that a senior officer had been arrested in the widening probe.

Army spokesman Brigadier Richard Karemire posted on twitter that ‘No senior Army officer is apprehended in connection with the murder of AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi.’

One of the policemen was arrested at the murder scene, reportedly scooping soil mixed with blood from the victims.

The flying squad has beefed up security at the borders with Kenya and DR Congo.

Further reports indicate that Kaweesi was sharing secrets with Museveni’s rivals, reaching an extent of transmitting the files to one of Museveni’s critics, Sengooba, who’s in exile.

A reliable Source intimated that disagreements broke out from 2 senior officers in police, accusing Kaweesi of interfering in their investigations; they reported the matter to the President and IGP Kaihura.

Source added that after examining the cartridges at the crime scene, investigators concluded that the rifle used to kill Kaweesi and his body guards was M4 automatic type that can only be found with Special Forces Command (SFC), the crew that guards the President. It had a maximum 3,600 range and a point of target of 500mtrs, according to the source.

The suspects who carried out the mission were among the group that was sent by Museveni to go and train in Israel and S.Korea. Evidence has it that it was an inside job.

Controversially, Jonathan Baroza (Assistant to Kayihura) clashed with Yiga-Fred (political-Commisioner) over 3 people who were arrested picking Kaweesi’s blood at crime scene.

Yiga, ordered the arrest of Baroza and 3 men, but were later released on the orders from above.


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