DP Revives Demands For Kayiira Murder Report

DP President Norbert Mao.

The Democratic Party (DP) has once again revived efforts to find who killed Dr Andrew Lutaakome Kayiira by writing to the United Kingdom government.

Late Dr Andrew Lutaakome Kayiira
Late Dr Andrew Lutaakome Kayiira

The DP Party President Norbert Mao on Tuesday  said that they are sending a letter to the British High Commissioner to Uganda Ms Alison Blackburne requesting for an authenticated report from the Scotland Yard.

In his recent missive, renegade general David Sejusa attacks some individuals of the current government for having ordered kayiira’s murder .

They are also writing to the Labour Member of Parliament Hugh Bailey asking him to help the DP get access to the report.

They have also contacted a DP leader in the UK Godfrey Sekisonge who has been asked to work with other Ugandans to petition the UK Parliament and the Prime Minister David Cameron.

Mao says they take the new information with a pinch of salt even though they cannot dismiss the allegations since Gen. Sejusa is currently unhappy with President Museveni.

Mao defensively states that Ugandans should not think that their current measures are motivated purely by the revelation made by Gen Sejusa since they did the same when he was still in government.

The DP President is hopeful that the report will give them an idea of who killed Kayiira.

Kayiira, a leader of the Uganda Freedom Movement, died in March 1987 under what Mao describes as dubious circumstances.

Mao says once the report is made public and the killers are identified they shall ensure that the culprits are prosecuted.

Meanwhile early this year this year DP also announced plans to search for the remains of Ben Kiwanuka, however until to-date, nothing has been done.

Mao explains that the embattled Pathologist Dr Onzivua Sylvester was rendered inactive due to his court case in the late Butaleja Legislator Cerina Nebanda death mystery.

The Democratic Party says Dr Onzivua was supposed to bring the pathologist from Argentina but they cannot come unless Dr Onzivua is helping in the process. Mao also adds that they do not have the equipment to search for the remains in Luzira where they believe Ben Kiwanuka’s remains are.

The technology is supposed to use calcium deposits in the ground to determine the remains after which they use DNA samples from family members to determine whether he is the one.

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