DP Squeezes Gov’t On Who Killed Kayiira

Democratic Party has pressed the government to come out with a clear explanation on the events that led to the death of Dr Andrew lutakome Kayiira.


Paul Kenneth Kakande the Publicity Secretary of Democratic Party said that, as party members they want government to avail a more credible explanation about Kayiira’s murder by unknown assailants.

“Democratic Party would like to remind the government under whose hands was Kayiira killed?  It’s the duty of Government to give Ugandans credible explanation about the murder that they have failed to account for,” Kakande said.

Dr .Kayiira the former chairman of Uganda Freedom Movement/Army (UFM/A) until April 1986 when the UFA was dissolved into the national army was on March 6, 1987, towards mid-night murdered at  friend’s house Lukuli Nanganda in Kampala.

Two bullets shattered his small and large intestines, arm as well as the liver while the other two went through his chest.

Kakande said that like many other mysterious murders that have taken place in the country before and after Kayiira’s murder, people of good will and his family members are still waiting for a more appreciated explanation concerning the heinous crime whose victim was one of the few individuals who chose to put his life at risk in order to fight for freedom, democracy and good governance in Uganda.

He also said that the party is also astonished by the government’s apparent neglect of Kayiira’s family that is wallowing in abject poverty and that even when the dictators whom Kayiira fought, the government has praised them and some have been rewarded with medals while others who died in exile had been returned and given a descent burial by the state.

Kakande cited the late Okello Bazilio who was recently reburied at his ancestral home in Northern Uganda and given a state ceremony but had went to exile because of the dictatorship but Kayiira who fought them to bring democracy his family is dying of poverty despite their fathers good deeds to the country.

He explained that the party wants the government to explain the reasons why Kayiira hasn’t been recognized and awarded a medal.

“We believe that this mind set makes up the circumstantial evidence that needed to be analyzed as we seek answers as to why ,how and who might have killed Dr Kayiira,” Kakande added.

Kayiira who also worked as a cabinet minister of energy in 1986 under NRM government was also once arrested with other 20 other politicians and military officers and sent to Luzira Maximum Prison over charges of treason.

Kayiira was arrested together with Evaristo Nyanzi Minister for commerce, Dr David Lwanga minister for environment, Francis Bwengye Democratic Party Secretary-General, DP public secretary Anthony Sekweyama, Israel Mayengo, Paulo Muwanga.

Following his murder, five people in connection to his murder were arrested in 1987 and arraigned before court but were later acquitted due to lack of evidence.

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