DPP: It’s Illegal To Arrest Drunken Pedestrians

The Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Richard Butera has said the police does not have the mandate to arrest drunken pedestrians.

DPP Richard Butera
DPP Richard Butera

The Uganda Police Force recently recently started a vigorous war against drink driving by putting up road blocks and subjecting drivers to the breathalyzer, zero tolerance for any one with a bit of alcohol in there system. As if that was not enough they went ahead to say that anybody got walking and is drunk will also be put in the coolers.

Parliament did not take this lightly and  is to summon the Inspector General of police, Lt. Gen Kale Kayihura to explain why police is arresting drunken pedestrians arguing that the force has no right to do so.

Uganda has been grappling with the social problem of drunkenness. Just last month, a survey done by US broadcaster Cable News Network (CNN) titled ‘World’s 10 best-drinking nations’ indicated that Ugandans consume more alcohol than their counterparts in any African country, demonstrating the citizens’ undisputed love for the bitter.

Uganda is ranked 8th globally ahead of Germany and Australia at positions 9 and 10, respectively.


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5 thoughts on “DPP: It’s Illegal To Arrest Drunken Pedestrians

  1. While crime has increasingly taken toll on our country, the police are spending sleepless nights on stupid agenda. Instead of cracking on gangsters raping women, defiling children, trafficking people, abusing drugs and so on, it is laughable that police can waste time to arrest a person found walking on the streets in the name of being drunk… its a public secret that police men are the most drunkards when they are not in their uniforms.. its a shame kayihura.. spend time and money on professionalizing the force like the army has done

  2. Why police not spend the time drinking malwa , and waste our time, they will face it most of their women brew it in Kamwanyi and Nsambya and buy food for the family.

  3. I always wondered why the (UUP) Uganda Unprofessional/trained Police would go on arresting harmless people… they even went ahead making fun of them… that’s so stupid of those police men… why not call these boys back to the accademy for more training on what to do and tell them also under what circumstances a person may be arrested and kept in custody and how to hundle the arrested people?

  4. Maybe the Drunkards are not NRM voters. Tell Muzei those are the voters and that is the end of the arrests!

  5. Yes Mr DPP! Let the Police first map-out the numerous malwa bars within and around various police barracks before attacking drunken pedestrians. Can police ask itself why such spots appears within its territories? Any serious trader would open shop next to his potential clientele/customers! But advising the public on safe drinking habbits is a right move!

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