Mariam Nakayiira, the wife of wealthy cardiologist Aggrey Kiyingi, has decided to end her rather dormant music career.
Galiemaya as Nakayiira was known, was a struggling singer in Kampala but when she hooked the loaded Australia based doctor in 2008, things took a drastic turn in her life and  music career.
The lovers walked down the aisle and she ended up in Australia with her ageing lover Kiyingi. She continued recording some music but most of it wouldn’t exceed the walls of her house or those of  her family members as the only fans who would listen to it.
Although the loaded surgeon pumped lots of dime into his wife to record more songs with top producers, reality proved that she didn’t have the X factor for music and her best option was settling in her marriage.
Sources intimate that Galiemaya has given up on the music career and decided to settle down to look after their children. Mariam had close to ten songs but they all failed to receive airplay despite the money she pumped in marketing them. Snoops intimate that most of Galiemaya’s songs are centered on love messages for her hubby with no attribution whatsoever to society, reason why they didn’t appeal to many music lovers.

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5 thoughts on “Dr, Kiyingi Wife Abandons Singing Career

  1. One understands this is a family struggling to fund raise and try and topple the long standing African dictator of Uganda by military means. The current government of Uganda is an African regime specialised in Gerrymandering of African democratic election process and yet it removed the same government in a bloody civil war that was doing the same in the 1980s. Mr Kiyingi and associates do not seem to be up to the job.

  2. The country of Uganda seems tired of it all. Taking on never ending civil wars that removes African dictators and afterwards begets African tyrants.

  3. If the music is artificial as the kiss from DOKITA , then no wonder it did not make it beyond their walls.

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