Drama As Ssemujju Is ‘Lifted Out’ Of Parliament

Kyadondo East MP Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda

There was drama in the the Ugandan parliament on Wednesday afternoon after one of the country’s lawmakers, Kyadondo East MP Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda was physically lifted out of the house by the Sergeant-at-arms.

Ssemujju’s trouble stems from the parliamentary session during debate on the controversial Public Order Management Bill in which he was suspended for three sittings together with fellow lawmakers Odonga Otto and Theodore Sekikubo for misconduct.

Kyadondo East MP Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda was physically lifted out of the house by the Sergeant-at-arms.
Kyadondo East MP Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda was physically lifted out of the house by the Sergeant-at-arms.

The trio was ordered to return to the house with written apologies. The Mps vowed to maintain their stand of accessing the parliament chambers without the apology letters.

However, on Wednesday as the house debated the equally controversial Anti-pornography Bill 2011, Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanya who was chairing the session suspended the house for 10 minutes, to give Hon. Ssemujju Nganda time to move out of the house.

A defiant Ssemujju refused to leave the house forcing the Speaker to ask the sergeant at arms to order Hon. Ssemujju to leave the house.

Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanya
Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanya

However, Ssemujju refused to leave the house even after the sergeant at arms asked him to leave saying;

“You can carry me if you want, I will enjoy myself, but am not leaving the house,”

It was at this point that the Speaker ordered the sergeant-at-arms to get Ssemujju out of the house.

“I hear by order the sergeant at arms to get the Hon. Member Ssemujju Nganda out of the house ” Oulanyah ordered.

There were dramatic scenes coupled with chaos as Ssemujju was physically lifted out of the house by the sergeant-at-arms.

Ssemujju later held a press conference in parliament and it was here that he accused the speaker of violating parliament rules saying he had served his suspension.

“The speaker has broken all the rules of parliament by suspending me because I already served my 3 day suspension, ” Hon. Ssemujju said.

He added saying “There were men armed with guns accessing parliament chambers, which is illegal”


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10 thoughts on “Drama As Ssemujju Is ‘Lifted Out’ Of Parliament

    1. Semujju Nganda mus have thought that he will score some points, but believe me we the voters are not impressed at all. How can he not obey the rules of the House, yet he is a law maker? This is tantamount to shooting one self in the foot. You reap what you sow!

        1. Ok noted sir/madam. I am ready to live and let live. One man’s meat, is another man’s poison.

  1. It’s a shame when the country’s supposedly iconic house to general public is turned into a sort of house of hooligans.

    1. If a husband and wife fights in public that would be the worst for that family, trust me the whole world watched this. When a member of parliament is inside the parliament he is immune to such actions. Shame upon our government!

  2. If it is true that the youthful MP was suspended and his return would be on condition that he writes an apology, why did he write it?

    1. The rules do not say that he should apologize. They only provide for the suspension which he duly served. Hon. Oulanyah, as usual is acting like a mercenary, as if he does not belong to Parliament himself. As a matter of fact, since he is the speaker, he needs no reminders about what the rules say. He should be the custodian of these rules. But Oulanyah will never stop surprising our country!!!!!

  3. but I think the attitude of use of vilence is in born with our northern brothers, however well educated they can be.

  4. Lets always respect our superiors.Ssemujju should have handled that issue softly. In Runyakitara they say,Gunyeta muno tigukira eibega.Even when you visit the zoo, there are some warnings that you should not disturb those animals because they can also react angrily against you.

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