Eddie Murphy Tops Overpaid Actors List

Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy – who was a top box office draw in his Beverly Hills Cop days – is now Hollywood’s most overpaid actor, according to Forbes magazine.

Forbes said Murphy, who also filled cinema seats with movies like Trading Places, had now displaced Drew Barrymore for the top spot.

The list is collated by analysing stars’ salaries compared with their films’ box office takings.

“Murphy’s career has just collapsed,” said Forbes, citing recent box office bombs such as Imagine That, A Thousand Words and Meet Dave.

Weighing box office receipts against pay cheques, Forbes calculated that for every dollar (62p) Murphy was paid for his last three films, they returned an average of just $2.30 (£1.43) at the box office.

Katherine Heigl, Reese Witherspoon, Sandra Bullock and Jack Black were next, with their returns ranging from $3.40 (£2.11) to $5.20 (£3.23).


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7 thoughts on “Eddie Murphy Tops Overpaid Actors List

  1. I don`t get it . How can his carrier collapse while he is overpaid . Maybe it should have been better to say that Eddie is now no longer worth the pay he gets .

    1. Kintu you are slow buddy. They are saying Eddie Murphy is overpaid because he is no longer worth the pay he gets. hence the term overpaid. Overpaid means he is being paid more than he is worth.

  2. Both of you Kintu and Kitufu are correct but one thing which is not right is to say that Kintu is slow. It is not Forbes who pay Eddie and so their analysis is not rooted in objectivity. There must be reasons for paying Murphy what he is paid and so a mere journalist magazine to make an analysis in mere heresay and Kintu’s statement suggestion would be more akin to proper reporting. This is because such a statement reveals that it is an opinion and still subject to verification for those interested.

    1. Khim I said that to Kintu because most Ugandans misunderstand American English because they are used to speaking and writing the British English, and words get lost in translation. I was assuring Kintu the magazine is saying Eddie Murphy is now no longer worth the pay he gets, but the magazine chose to use different words to say it.

  3. the word overpaid is not only American English, its just English- it doesn’t have any other meaning regardless of what type of English u r accustomed to:- i agree with most of what Kitufu said about Kintu- it means exactly that….. anyway no big deal, all chill….

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