Edible deodorant claims to sweeten your sweat

The deo perfume candy

The deo perfume candy

Good news for people who are allergic to deodorant spray.

Beneo, an American company, with help from Bulgarian confectioner Alpi, claims to have found a way to get rid of bad body odour through ingesting candy that can sweeten your sweat.

According to Deo Perfume Candy, their fragrant packets of sweets can leave your skin with a ‘beautiful rose fragrance’.

The technology behind Deo Perfume Candy is, according to the company website, based on research by Japanese scientists.

“Their studies showed that when ingested, rose oil exudes aromatic compounds, such as geraniol, through the skin. When evaporating through the skin, geraniol aromatizes it with a beautiful rose fragrance,” it says.

However the website warns that the strength and duration of the rose fragrance depends upon body weight, suggesting that one serving size (four pieces of candy) to a person weighing 145 pounds (66kgs).

The effect of the product is said to last for about 6 hours.

A medical expert who spoke to ABC News was bit skeptical about the product.

“I think we can probably agree that if you eat food with a lot of aromatic spice, like garlic and curry, eventually it will work its way into your sweat and influence the way you smell,” said George Preti, a chemist at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia. “But no one has actually demonstrated that.”

The Deo Perfume Candy went on sale online in August and may be on U.S. shelves soon; it’s already being sold in Spain, Germany, China, Korea and Armenia.

It is currently being sold for $7.99 (approx Shs28,000) on Amazon.com and has proven to be very popular as the company has already reported that it was sold out for the week.

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