Electoral Reforms: 4GC Warns Govt Of Comeback

4GC MP Mathias Mpuuga says they will resume protests

4GC MP Mathias Mpuuga says they will resume protests
4GC MP Mathias Mpuuga 

Activists of the banned For God and My Country  (4GC) have vowed to make a comeback should government fail to heed to calls for electoral reforms.

The opposition last week gave government a deadline of end of April to review its response on the proposed ten baskets of demands.

Mathias Mpuuga, the National Coordinator For God and My country activists says that as they struggle to make the regime appreciate change, any negative response would mean the return of disruptive street action. However, he is confident that as they speak with one voice, their efforts will bear fruit unlike before where they were working individually.

According to Mpuuga, the opposition has paid a heavy price by trying to work individually citing Nobert Mao, who resisted earlier attempts to work with other parties.

Currently Norbert Mao, the DP president is among the opposition Party Presidents attending countrywide meetings and holding rallies to sensitize Ugandans about free and fair elections. Mpuuga is hopes that some of the leaders working with them do not turn around since NRM is also not sleeping and would do anything to undermine the current consensus.

He adds that the most important thing for them now is to ensure ordinary Ugandans understand what they are doing. On the silence of 4GC Mpuuga says he is now well oriented on how to handle politics after two and a half years working with politicians and those in Parliament.

He adds that this period has been a good experience to know how to handle an environment laden with gullible and greedy politicians and people with no direction sometimes. Mpuuga says currently he is preoccupied with building an opposition consensus on the next phase of elections.

The 4GC National Coordinator also expressed concern that Ugandans are taking long to find means of dislodging the current regime. Mpuuga says they are going to try and convince the elite who he described as the sausage eaters to join the struggle as they go around the country.

The opposition also plans to submit their electoral reforms to the Speaker of Parliament to be debated on the floor of Parliament after the responsible Parliament committee has handled the issues. Mpuuga reveals that the unfortunate bit is that since Parliament has had more recess periods than sittings recently they are yet to submit.

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7 thoughts on “Electoral Reforms: 4GC Warns Govt Of Comeback

  1. Afande Kale Kaihura, more fodder for you…clobber them! You are really a busy man running after opposition members plus criminals! Maybe you could get another promotion and more funding to suppress them!

  2. Twakoowa. Give us a break. You’re even worse. You lead young people into trouble and remain the other side not bothered when police arrests them, Dare not instead we shall beat you up….!!!!

  3. This country is ours, we must get whatever we want, we can’t continue with this kind of leadership where few individuals decide who should be the leader . everyone has a right to demand what he/ she wants in this country, that makes us ugandans. we need electoral reforms. we need a right to decide who should be our a leader

    1. Good and well said but how will you do it? Uganda is chaotic and live in fear and they get depressed when they voice their opinion. There is bad name for protestors because it halts lot of activities. People will be looking for ways to survive, feed and educate their families because they know protest will not feed them. That is what dictatorship does, grab power and deny people basic needs and they will submit to you. Any protestor must seek ways that does not get in normal daily activities of anyone otherwise it loses purpose of protest.

  4. Did I read convincing the elite to abandon eating sausages and join the street strikes? In the first place by the elites not embracing these street strikes points to the fact that they are useless and hopeless and only supported by hooligans in Kisekka Market. Hon. Mpuuga sorry this is not an activity for us – wrong targeting Ssebo

  5. Museveni has for long joked on the minds of Ugandans this time he must pay the price with charges of sending him into Hell.

  6. It is fair way to teach people what to do in election but should not based on one party. Tell them voting is their birth right and should consider education, health, employment, social services, economy, transport and housing the main points to consider.

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