Eng. Hashaka Legally Views Eclipse of Kanungu Virgin

Diana with Hashaka on their wedding last weekend

If you thought that it’s only the king of Swaziland who marries only virgins, then you had better think twice because Ugandan men have also learnt to live like kings.

Diana with Hashaka on their wedding last weekend
Diana with Hashaka on their wedding last weekend

Eng. Godfrey Hashakimana a staff at the Luzira based Ministry of Water and Environment last weekend challenged the king of Swaziland when he wedded a smashingly beautiful girl who looked like a virgin if we are to go by the look of innocence on her face.

Our snoops who have been trailing Eng. Hashaka for a long time heard from his close pals that the man from Kisoro sometime back had a dream where an angel from heaven told him that he was going to marry a fellow engineer and more so a virgin girl.

Going by the rumour, we confirm that Hashaka finally actualized his dream last Saturday when he wedded the stunningly beautiful Eng. Diana Keesinga at All Saints Church Nakasero and later hosted his guests to a sumptuous dinner at Hotel Africana.

Hashaka works as the national coordinator of Umbrella Organizations of Water and Sanitation in charge of Operation and Maintenance where as his wife hailing from Kanungu works as Programme engineer with WATER FOR PEOPLE an NGO dealing in the same sector.

Diana’s family revealed that they rated their daughter highly because of her stunning beauty, high moral levels and brilliance after taking her to the best schools where she emerged as the best student in the whole country during her O’level.

One of her uncles applauded her for bringing a handsome man into their family and appealed to Diana to ensure Hashaka is always happy and very satisfied.

“We provided our daughter with everything she wanted in life like taking her to the best schools, nurturing her well but there is one thing which we could not give her and that is what she has looked for herself. We appeal to you Diana to give your husband full love which will always satisfy him,” Hashaka’s fellow staff revealed that ever since he started dating Diana, things have never been the same.

Eng. Frank Kweronda who spoke on behalf of Hashaka’s workmates and friends, praised him as a man who loves God, loves working hard and quality things.

The Assistant Commissioner for Human Resource Leofrida Oyella praised Hashaka as a young man who is a great asset to the water and environment sector and appealed to the couple to also produce engineers.

This website understands that newly wedded couple left for their honeymoon in California, USA.

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