Esco Dumps Curvy Haffy, Hooks Radiocity’s Judithiana

Esco Dumps Curvy Haffy, Hooks Radiocity’s Judithiana

Barely a month after parting ways with his long-time girlfriend Haffy Powers real name Nabbanja Hasifa, NTV Expozed host Esco real name Rosco Kizito has already hooked another babe.

According to sources, as sexy curvy Haffy nurses a broken heart, Esco is having a blast with his new catch Judithiana Namazzi.

She is a presenter at Bugolobi based Radiocity and also hosts Salon Talk on Urban TV.

The radio/television presenter and part time emcee is reported to have hooked the gorgeous chocolate skinned Judithiana shortly after splitting with Haffy.

The two developed issues during the time Esco was managing Bad Black’s music career as Haffy was insecure and worried that they were romantically involved.

Even when Bad Black fired Esco as her manager, Haffy and her man never resolved their troubles leading to the break up.

Judithiana is so smitten with Esco that she doesn’t care about what people say considering she was branded a man snatcher as long as he sleeps her bed.

“She doesn’t care who he dated before or even about the fact that he has child with another babe,” reveals Judithiana’s close pal who preferred anonymity.

It should be noted that Esco has a child with another babe only identified as Sheila, a member of the now all girls defunct singing group.

Esco and Judithiana made their first appearance at the Purple Party on Sunday at Uganda Museum Grounds where the former part of the emceeing team.

Eyewitnesses intimate that Judithiana was back stage giving Esco care.

Besides being a media personality, Judithiana is also a personal/wardrobe stylist and professional make-up artist.

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