Ex- MP Mary Mugyenyi Rubbishes Maj. Kazoora’s Book

Maj Kazoora (L) and Mary Mugyenyi


Maj Kazoora (L) and Mary Mugyenyi

A former Ugandan Member of Parliament for Nyabushozi County in Kiruhura District has rubbished Maj. John Kazoora’s memoirs saying the former guerilla fighter lied about her.

Kazoora, now  Secretary for Defence in the opposition Forum for Democratic Change party fighting to oust President Yoweri Museveni’s ruling party, published his memoirs recently that carried sordid details about the five year bush war that brought the current government to power in 1986.

In the book, ‘Betrayed by My Leader,’ Kazoora makes several nice references to Mugyenyi’s late husband Dr. Joshuua Mugyenyi but not so palatable ones about her. But she has since contacted Red Pepper Online to say, most of what the author said about her were incorrect. Below, she sets the record straight in a candid statement.


I believe books are for posterity and that is the spirit in which I went to the launch of Hon.John Kazoora’s book, Betrayed By My Leader. I looked forward to reading another book about the NRA war experience. I respect people that have the dedication to write biographies and I read them with interest. I read this book and I feel that it is necessary that I respond to the references made to myself, my late husband and my actions as a Member of Parliament.

The author states several times that he helped me to escape from our flat in Mitchel Hall in 1981 when UNLA soldiers came to arrest my husband, the Late Dr. Joshua Mugyenyi. He later states that twenty years later I de-campaigned him in Kashari (his former constituency) and in Mbarara.

Firstly, to the best of my recollection, I did not know Hon. John Kazoora as a student at Makerere University. I came to know him following his election as the Member of Parliament for Kashari, a neighbouring constituency to my own, Nyabushozi. We became acquaintances and colleagues when I joined Parliament in 2001.

In 1981 John Kazoora could not have taken me out of Mitchell Hall flat to my sister Naomi Nasasira’s (nee Rutamwebwa) room in Mary Stuart Hall(pg.40) because she had graduated a year earlier. She was working with Uganda BAT and living with us in our Mitchell Hall flat. As a matter of fact, I was with her, the late Dr.  Kyamureku and our house keeper Edrida (RIP) when UNLA soldiers arrived in the flat, my husband had escaped through the back door. Naomi does not recall Hon. Kazoora being there or thanking him for  assisting me(pg.118). All accounts of Hon. Kazoora’s involvement are not accurate .I have no recollection of his involvement except if he got involved after we left the flat.

By 2006 Uganda had embraced a multi-party system. Hon. Kazoora belonged to FDC and I belonged to NRM. We both campaigned for our respective parties. It should not come as a surprise that I campaigned for the NRM candidate at the time. Let me put it on record though that while in Kashari, together with other NRM flag bearers from the Ankole region, I did not campaign against Hon. Kazoora as an individual, but instead focused on soliciting for the NRM vote.

It is not my intention to discredit the author but given the five references (pgs 29, 40, 118 and 175) of inaccuracy that I personally felt the need to highlight, I can only wonder how many other elements have been misrepresented. Hon. Kazoora should be reminded that as we put pen to paper, we are writing for generations to come and we owe them the truth.

We should have the foresight and maturity to know that there is no permanency in politics. Today, we could belong to the same party and tomorrow we may not. Most importantly, we should respect the political decisions and choices made by others, not endeavor to create permanent differences.

Hon. Mary R. Mugyenyi,

Former MP, Nyabushozi County


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10 thoughts on “Ex- MP Mary Mugyenyi Rubbishes Maj. Kazoora’s Book

  1. I foresaw this. The book sounded like a story of NRA boys sitting across the fire and trying to outdo each other at narrating true and fictitious heroics.

  2. Funny ainnit! But where is this book? I looked for it in Kampala and failed to find it. Aristoc,Mukono bookshop all dont have it. Someone save me!


  4. I’ve not taken trouble to read the book but it’s likely that one refutes a true statement and it’s usual for our politics.We have seen and heard instances where people deny issues even when they appear in the footage.Should assume she’s talking facts?

  5. in reference to explanation given by my former hon. mp, i request the department in charge of launching books, discolify this book for the sake of young generation. i magine in centuries to come people reading false history. i will not be shocked any time then some coming up with another book explaining how he captured knony and escaped among others. it has made me recall when radio west in mbarara announced the capture of bin laden in 200 it was a lieing day. pple where are we going. i hope kazoora in his acknowledge, shown to the reader that some information given is not true[ friction]. GOD help our country.

  6. Its not fair to lie to your more especially when it comes to public reading. Major Kazoora just leave Hon Mary Mugyenyi alone.She ever clear and self minded. I wish you could withdraw by re establishing new Book.
    Mary thank you for being international material.


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