Ex Wembley Operative Killed In Kampala


Police in Kampala have arrested a Kampala-based businessman who allegedly shot and killed two people including a police officer attached to the Flying Squad.
Corporal Deogratius Ojaya, a flying squad operative attached to Kampala North Police, was killed alongside Muhammed Kiwana, a former operative of Operation Wembley.

Mathias Lukawa, also a former operative of Operation Wembley, was shot in the stomach and is admitted at Mulago National Referral Hospital.

Godfrey Muhairwe, a businessman based in Ndeeba, Rubaga Division, is now being held in connection with the shooting. Muhairwe is said shot at the three on Wednesday at about 6:30pm accusing them of trying to rob him.

According to Herman Owomugisa, the commandant Flying Squad unit, the suspect who insists the three were robbing him of Shillings 20million, had a day before asked the unit to help him arrest Kiwana on grounds that the latter had been hired to kill him.

Owomugisa says that four hours before the shooting, Muhairwe had told police that the three victims had been given five million shillings to kill him. The alleged money reportedly originated from his wife and a former employer with whom she was having an affair.

Kiwana, one of the victims, had thereafter reportedly looked for him and asked him to pay more than the five million shillings so that he would abort his first contract and not kill him. The two had later reached an agreement that Muhairwe would pay 20 million shillings.

Analysis from the scene of crime indicate that, Muhairwe had met the three who were seated in a car and handed them a polythene bag containing 20 million shillings before opening fire on them.

After shooting at Kiwana, the Flying Squad operative opened the car and ran out leaving his pistol on the car seat but was shot at 3 times 20 metres from the car.

Police is however investigating what the police officer who was supposed to be on a different operation was doing with the other two victims. The suspect is said to have used his personal civilian authorized pistol which police was not aware he was in possession of.

Owomugisa says it has become a common practice for people to try to use specialized units like Flying Squad to settle their personal grievances.

Ojaya is the second operative of Flying Squad to be murdere din the last two months.

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4 thoughts on “Ex Wembley Operative Killed In Kampala


  2. Thank God really Kiwana is finally dead. This is the guy who killed my friend in Ndeba after robbing him. He was sent to Luzira only to come back and be recruited again by this so called flying squad. It’s everyone s knowledge around Kampala that Kiwana has been a thug, a murderer together with the likes of Senkayi. Anyway one is gone and Kla is better off.

    1. I also had heard stories about Kiwana years ago. Even if he might have been innocent on this one, I believe that it was about time for him to face his creator based on any one of his may previous crimes. I dont even know what he looked like, but I know that he was no saint.

  3. The businessman has done what the so called police had failed to do and what it would never have done. God used him to save so many innocent Ugandans from these thugs.Godfery should walk to his freedom!

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