EXCLUSIVE: Red Pepper to name, shame big people in Govt frustrating fight against COVID-19

By Red Pepper Digital Intelligence Team

Entebbe – Uganda has, on Sunday, March 22, confirmed the first case of the coronavirus (COVID-19), health Minister Dr Ruth Aceng revealed in her national address televised at 12 midnight.

The Ugandan male, aged 36, touched down at Entebbe Airport Saturday morning, aboard an Ethiopia Airlines flight from Dubai.

The resident of a resident of Kakungulu Zone, Kibuli, tested positive of COVID-19 and is currently in isolation at Entebbe Grade B Hospital.

Health Minister Dr Ruth Aceng

With Uganda confirming the first case of the deadly COVID-19, Red Pepper Digital’s  Intelligence Briefing is going to do you all a patriotic duty by naming and shaming the top-level big men and woman failing the fight.

This follows a tip from a concerned reader who as revealed to us that top-level Government officials have been forcefully removing their children and relatives from quarantine centres across the city and from Entebbe International Airport after intimidating and bribing officials there.

Most of these relatives and children are said to have been travelling back home from abroad.

This, constrained Ministry of Health officials to say, could accelerate new cases as these travellers have already penetrated deep into the society.

Uganda had not registered a single case of COVID-19 until a few hours ago when the health minister, Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng, confirmed the first case via a televised press briefing.

Intelligence Briefing has learnt that the behaviour by these Ugandans is what prompted President Yoweri Museveni’s second address to the nation’s yesterday night in which he talked tough while announcing a new set of tough measures to combat the virus.

Below is the message from our reader who prefers to remain anonymous

“Dear Red Pepper. The thing is that is vigilance is the only way with ordinary Ugandans. Some “BIG NAMES” have just been picking their children, friends and relatives by force from the airport and some of them are walking free in town and working in Government offices without any quarantine. Help us and shame them.

You will need to help us name and shame some big names who are not fair to Ugandans.

With Covid-19, there’s no big or small! You can’t risk the health of an entire country simply because you are untouchable! Only 14 days and you are free! This is very serious and we have given the names of those so-called powerful and big names to the Minister. We hope they can comply with her directives otherwise, you, media people, will have to help us and expose their names.”

The Red Pepper Digital’s Intelligence Briefing will do that shortly after verifying the names already in its possession.

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