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Robert Kabatereine, the Chairperson – Mbarara Farmers Voice Network

Mbarara | RedPepper Digital -A group of farmers from the entire western region and some parts of the country are to start Farmer’s parliament that will enable farmers to have a platform to share their ideas and solve challenges that affect farming.

This has been initiated by the Mbarara Farmers Voice Network intentionally to create a platform that will bind the farmers with one voice.

According to Robert Kabatereine, the Chairperson of Mbarara Farmers voice Network said that as a farmer and a leader he has benchmarked with fellow farmers and started this initiative of Farmer’s parliament which will fill the gap between the Government and Farmers.


Speaking to the Journalists, Kabatereine said that this program will be launched come 19th November 2021 in Mbarara. That a certain committee is going to be created that will help to gather farmers collect their ideas and reach them the responsible authorities in case there is a need of help or support from the Government.

He said that this platform will help in collecting farmers’ ideas and sharing knowledge about improving the standards of farming in Uganda.

“This program will also help in identifying the best farmers from our communities, that it will also help farmers to evaluate the prices of their products which has been a challenge for many farmers to be updated about the markets and prices,” added Kabatereine.

Kabatereine added that this program is intended to assist the government in easily identifying the challenges that always affect farmers and easily find the way to solve them compared to the previous times when there has been a very big gap for government to access areas of farmers.
Farmers have always faced challenges in their communities and get hard to reach for help.

Kabatereine said that the most challenges that have been much affected by farmers include delays of the programs from the government, low prices of farmers’ goods, lack of knowledge.

He, therefore, called upon the government for support and budget for this program of farmers parliament so that it can be assisted in this regard.

The seasoned farmer revealed that a total of 38 districts nationwide are ready to benefit from this program.

Kabatereine has warned the mafias who are intending to sabotage this farmers initiative. He said that some people like to block such good initiatives yet they over human help and support.

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