Juliana is sexiest singer – Fast rising star Clex B


Kampala | RedPepper Digital – Clex b champ is a simple and smart person who loves working with everyone regardless of tribe and class. His latest hits have made him the boy of the moment. We talked to him

 Who is exactly Clex B?

Clex b champ is a simple and smart person who loves working with everyone regardless of tribe and class. I am also signed under a label called Roselyn Pitia Promotions.

When did you start singing?

 I have been an artist my whole life but commercial music started in 2020.

Do you have any musical background?

Coming from a holly family. In the beginning, they weren’t supportive due to how most artists brand themselves.

How was your first day in Studio?

I don’t really recall my first day in the studio but all I remember is I was nervous though my friends boosted my spirit so much.

When was your fast song recorded?

The first-ever song I recorded was a gospel song called happy.

Who writes your songs?

I write my own songs and I develop the storylines from my true life events.

What was your breakthrough song?

I have a couple of beautiful songs but Bin Bora is my breakthrough song.

Apart from music, what else do you also do?

I partner with organizations like Girlup initiative, and I also do artwork like drawing and colouring designs.

Which female musician do you admire?

Most of the Ugandan female artists are beautiful but Juliana is beautiful.

Who do you crush on then?

I don’t really crush on any for now.

Which Ugandan artist would you wish to collaborate with?

I Grew up listening to different beautiful artists with my type of genre I would love to sing with Geosteady. Pato lover boy and Eazy.

Let us talk about your latest song, what was the message behind it, and who recorded it?

My latest song is called bin bora. it means to come to me. It’s a beautiful love story showing how strong I feel for this girl from how I miss her. How I wish her to be near me and how I prepare when she’s coming and the song was done by my one and only producer Samie Touch from Ruba studio located in Muyenga.

Your latest remarks

I am all social media pages. Clex B. I love them all thank them for the endless support and I pray for blessings upon their lives and more support. I am still making them happier. My latest hit here; https://youtube.com/c/MissRosehttps://youtube.com/channel/UCBwAxJe-lxXQEtbMFGFmFFwhttps://youtu.be/IlyvTHdCZag

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