FDC Blast M7 Over Odoki Reappointment

Justice Benjamin Odoki

The opposition Forum for Democratic Change-FDC says the decision by President Yoweri Museveni to reappoint Benjamin Odoki Chief Justice is meant to crumble the judiciary.

In March 2013, Justice Odoki quit the office of the Chief Justice after he reached the mandatory retired age of 70 years. However, it has emerged that Museveni has written to the Judicial Service Commission to extend Odoki’s contract for 2 years.

 Justice Benjamin Odoki has been reappointed Chief Justice
Justice Benjamin Odoki has been reappointed Chief Justice

In the July 9th letter, Museveni acknowledges receiving Justice James Ogoola recommendation to appoint Justice Bart Katureebe as the new chief justice or re-appoint Odoki in acting capacity for two years. However, having acknowledged Katureebe’s capabilities Museveni ordered that Justice Odoki continue as Chief Justice and asked the commission to send him the appropriate instruments of appointment for his signature.

The re-appointment of Odoki has not gone down will FDC- the major opposition party. Alice Alaso, the FDC secretary general says the re-appointment of Odoki will lead to a crisis of confidence in the ability of the Chief Justice to work honestly to serve the country.

The opposition party also wonders which part of the constitution the President is using to reappoint Justice Odoki adding that, it is a sign of patronage on the part of the President.


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  1. If Odoki accepts this appointment, he will never have the moral authority to arbitrate a case with political and constitutional connotation. Do the wise thing, say thanks but I can not take advantage of loopholes in the constitution of which I was the architect. It will be like you build a house and you leave secret passages for you to use when the time comes like it has done. African Africans, it is not education but greed.

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